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Real collaboration across your business

Engage your whole business in the process improvement conversation with Nintex Promapp®. From IT to the line of business and in every team, easy-to-use visual tools make it simple to capture feedback and improvements, while investing in process excellence from the ground up.

Nintex Process Collaboration

Process collaboration that works

Nintex people collaboration


Drive a culture of process excellence by gathering feedback and improvements directly from the people who use the processes every day.

Nintex fast processes


Keep process information up-to-date with one-click feedback and immediate dashboard notifications for relevant stakeholders.

Nintex inspect processes


Keep the entire improvement conversation visible to ensure full accountability with a clear audit log of the changes made and suggested.

Capture feedback where it happens

Gather suggestions for improvement with simple, one-click process feedback. Any user can submit change ideas or comments from directly within the process map itself, ensuring teams can actively engage with their processes.

Nintex Process Collaboration workflow
See when changes occur

Personalized dashboards track process changes, feedback, and updates with real-time visual notifications. Stakeholders can be informed via email when relevant suggestions are made, and respond with one click.

process collaboration
Create better processes, together

Leverage the expertise of the line of business and implement suggestions as they arise. Full audit logs track every change, and each iteration can be compared through the version history.

Nintex process collaboration teams
“Nintex Promapp allows teams to easily review processes and spot gaps or opportunities for improvement, making the software a really good tool for continuous improvement.”
/Ben Oxford, Director of Customer Experience, La Trobe University/

Process Collaboration in action

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