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How Businesses Automate Client Communications & Engagement

May 31, 2018, Author: Gary Kamikawa

Excellent customer service can be the differentiator between a good business and a great one. According to a study by NewVoiceMedia, companies stand to lose $62 billion per year due to poor customer service, and this issue affects businesses of all sizes and industries. Responsive and reliable communication is one […]

Digital Transformation, Process Automation

Breaking Down Information Silos to Improve Construction Project Productivity

May 30, 2018, Author: Rob Alley

It’s becoming harder for companies to improve construction project productivity as they are dealing with greater complexity across the industry. This is largely for positive reasons – the dramatic increase in construction since the turn of the millennium has empowered construction companies around the world. In 2011, $788 billion worth […]

Digital Transformation, Process Automation

Q&A with Nintex vTE Simon Wright: New GDPR Legislation

May 18, 2018, Author: Haley Burton

Simon Wright is a Nintex vTE (virtual technical evangelist) and the founder and CEO of Britecloud, a value-added distributor and Nintex technology partner working with organizations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to digitally transform their processes. We talked with Simon to learn about what organizations can do to comply […]

Digital Transformation, Process Automation

Digital Supply Chains: Part 2 – Supplier Management, Field Service

May 10, 2018, Author: Bill McBeath

This blog post by ChainLink Research Chief Research Officer Bill McBeath is excerpted from the report “Getting Real with Workflow-Enabled Digital Supply Chains,” available for download here. In part one of this series, we looked at the attributes of a fully digital supply chain and how an incremental approach offers a practical path to […]

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Nintex World Tour: Streamlining Data Collection and Analysis

May 9, 2018, Author: Samuel Short

In this era of digital transformation, organizations are more empowered than ever by the flood of readily available data. However, seeing the full value of their data can be a challenge without well-defined methods of collection and analysis. Here at Nintex, my team was recently tasked with creating a solution […]