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5 Reasons Why Nintex Will Revolutionize Your Organizational Processes

Anyone who works in large businesses knows the importance of having established, uniform organizational processes across the whole company. It’s important to know that a job will be completed to the same standard, no matter who does it.

But the larger your company gets, the more difficult it can be to create and manage these complicated processes without taking time away from value-creating work. Employees want to spend time doing work, not establishing how they’re going to do work.

This is precisely the issue that Nintex Promapp® aims to solve. So, below are five distinct ways the tool can improve your organizational processes and allow you get on with the work that really matters.

1. Simplified organizational processes

Nintex Promapp® improves your internal business processes by creating a single, centralized process map that everyone in your organization can see. The platform allows you to digitally create, update, and manage business processes in the cloud, updating them online, in real time, where everybody can see and edit them.

Process maps are often unnecessarily complicated. Alternative process mapping software, for example, encourages you to create a different branch for each possible contingency – which overcomplicates the whole process. Luckily, the Nintex Promapp® solution is designed to simplify every stage of the process.

Nintex Promapp®, on the other hand, encourages you to boil your processes down to the most frequently occurring tasks. This makes processes easy to read and, crucially, faster to complete.

2.  Customize your own dashboard

In today’s competitive business atmosphere, it’s more important than ever for individual workers to have control over their tools and applications. One of the best features of Nintex Promapp® is that it allows you to personalize your own dashboard to fit you.

See what changes are being made to processes across the company and prioritize them by relevance to you. For instance, you can sort processes into categories based on whether you own the process, whether you’re involved in the process, and the degrees to which you’re involved. As well as this, you can filter everything by the changes you’ve made, or go through and bookmark individual processes that you want to follow.

We’re not interested in overcomplicating things for users. So, learning how to make the most of this software requires no training whatsoever. All you’ll need is a little intuition and the drive to simplify your business processes.

3.   Real-time feedback and collaboration

The secret to effective business process management is making sure everyone gets a say.

Once upon a time, it was all well and good for organizational processes to be planned and rolled out from one central location. Nowadays, companies appreciate that a collaborative workforce, and collaborative processes, are essential to business success.

Nintex Promapp® includes collaborative tools that not only facilitate this kind of engagement, but actively encourage it. It comes with a simple feedback function, which allows individual process users across your organization to suggest improvements. All these comments are saved across the evolution of the process, meaning anyone can easily track project development over time.

It’s also easy for you to request input from specific members of the team, so you can get the right expertise and experience to collaborate on your process at the right time.

4. Risk and compliance

Risk management is a vital part of any process. This is why it’s so important for businesses to isolate risks and plan contingencies. Almost every process in your business plans involves an element of risk management.

Nintex Promapp® integrates risk management and compliance into the very processes you create. Each stage of the process incorporates risk management indicators, so individual users always know to consider the risk and compliance repercussions of everything they process.

As well as this, Nintex Promapp® includes a live feed, which automatically updates risk and compliance records based on the changes and adjustments that users make.

This is fantastic for both individual users and managers. Managers can forget about having to remind everyone for risk management sign-offs, as the system has this built in. Employees themselves can keep up to date with their risk management sign-offs as they progress through a process and save up time for more valuable work elsewhere.

5.  Lean tagging

Businesses are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to optimize their work processes. Nobody wants processes to be more complicated than necessary, and nobody wants to spend more time on a task than is necessary.

Nintex Promapp® encourages continuous system improvement. This essentially means that people constantly search for new ways to get more value out of their time. This is the philosophy behind lean tagging.

Lean tags are added to individual processes, and stages within processes, to isolate and highlight non-value activities that would make good candidates for improvement.

With Nintex Promapp®, you can add pre-defined tags to easily identify waste or add in your own customized tags for a more detailed, specific waste management experience. Once a tag is added, a simple blue tick can be seen on the process map, making it easy to identify areas for improvement.

Organize your productivity

Recently acquired by Nintex, Promapp® is among the most popular tools to revolutionize internal business organizational processes and has a tangible impact on the business’ overall productivity. Combined with powerful workflow automation, forms, and document generation capabilities from Nintex, the platform provides organizations with the tools they need to manage, automate, and optimize their business processes.


Try Nintex Promapp® for free today and see how you can get even more from your organizational processes.


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