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Nintex Forms for SharePoint

Nintex Workflow Cloud’s design experience lets you build automated workflow solutions that reflect the way you think. It lets you deploy workflow applications with just a single click. Simply jump in and start getting things done.

Quick and easy forms designer

With a drag-and-drop designer, you can easily design and create SharePoint forms using pre-defined layouts for any device, form factor or screen size for quick publishing to browsers and mobile apps.

Design forms with sophisticated business logic and rich HTML formatting. Create reusable components and save forms as templates. Save time creating new forms from one environment to the next with the import and export functionality to quickly copy forms, including settings and layouts.

Forms-driven workflow solutions

Forms-driven workflow solutions

Automatically generate forms that are quickly customizable, turning traditional workflows into sophisticated business applications. Kick off workflows and trigger tasks with forms whether online or offline. Build integrations with databases and business applications as you design your form to turn them into customized process applications. Connect directly to data within SharePoint lists to make it easier for your users to complete.

Make each SharePoint form uniquely yours

Nintex Forms for SharePoint offers customization options to meet the unique needs of your business. Build rules on form controls to dynamically add formatting or make changes to controls based on defined conditions. Create interactive forms with dynamic controls, such as List Lookup, Repeating Group, People/Group Picker and Calculated Value Field. Add advanced functionality and custom branding to forms using JavaScript, jQuery and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Customize each form attached to a content type in a SharePoint list or document library.

Make each SharePoint form uniquely yours

SharePoint Forms for your mobile workforce

When you make your SharePoint forms mobile, you make your workforce more efficient and productive. Securely extend forms and business processes to users outside the firewall. Native mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone support offline access. User-friendly, familiar mobile features like image and video attachments, barcode and QR code scanning, geolocation tagging, signature capture and more.

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