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InfoPath retirement is coming. Recoup that investment with the efficiency and accuracy of Nintex Forms.

How will you replace infopath

If you are a current InfoPath customer, you don’t want to lose the functionality of the forms designer controls like textboxes, radio buttons, checkboxes and lists, basic calculations, connection to external data sources, conditional formatting or custom form coding.

What if an InfoPath alternative offered all these features, plus the ability to build forms that support all versions of SharePoint and easily extend to mobile devices?

Meet Nintex Forms

Meet Nintex Forms

Nintex Forms is a browser-based forms designer that allows you to quickly and easily create electronic forms within SharePoint or Office 365. You can design forms with sophisticated business logic and rich HTML formatting that can be published to a browser and mobile apps simultaneously. Nintex Forms is more than an InfoPath replacement: It’s an upgrade.

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No form is an island

Nintex Forms helps deliver a differentiated forms user experience that can connect your data with any system of record while making your data more actionable through the power of the Nintex Workflow Platform including workflow, mobile, document generation, and analytics capabilities.

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No form is an island

To learn more about how you can extend the power of your forms by switching from InfoPath to Nintex Forms, download our InfoPath Transition Guide.

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