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Nintex Mobile Forms

Complete and submit forms on your tablet or smartphone. Keep your business processes moving while you’re on the go.

Workflows designed to be mobile

Today’s mobile workforce expects to do work anywhere, at any time, online or offline, from any device. Nintex Mobile extends digital workflows, enabling employees to keep critical processes moving, no matter where they are. Built for smartphones and tablets, Nintex Mobile is optimized for people on the go, no matter how they prefer to work.

With Nintex Mobile, you can check your tasks as easily as checking text messages. Our mobile apps allow you to capture data, submit requests, initiate processes, complete tasks and approve documents in a matter of minutes  - all from your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile data collection

Mobile forms replace traditional paperwork and enable digital workflow automation. They allow mobile workers to gather data.

  • Marketing and field surveys
  • Safety and quality checks
  • Food and hygiene checks
  • Geological and property inspections
  • Maintenance reports
  • Hospital admittance forms
    ...and many more

Everyday mobile device features like image and video attachments, barcode and QR code scanning, geolocation tagging, signature capture, etc. can be used within Nintex Mobile for a rich, familiar mobile experience.

Manage your work online or offline

Nintex Mobile empowers the mobile worker do their job wherever work takes them - around the corner, in the field or even underground.  The offline capabilities of Nintex Mobile allow all forms to be safely stored on devices until the user is back online.

Nintex App Studio
Manage your work online or offline

Easy access

On-premises or in the cloud, Mobile forms can access and process SharePoint and Office 365 workflows. Nintex Mobile is also fully integrated with Nintex Workflow Cloud. Every interaction is secure and can operate in front of or behind the firewall.

Easy access

Manage all of your accounts easily in one profile

Access mobile apps from the most complex of hybrid environments with the profile feature. Using this feature, you can store sign-in credentials for up to five SharePoint and/or Nintex Workflow Cloud accounts, create a secure PIN, and quickly sign into your profile no matter where or how you work.

Manage all of your accounts easily in one profile

Supported on all major mobile platforms

Nintex Mobile is a quick and easy way to mobilize your workforce.

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