Create mobile process apps

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Simply design your own mobile workflow apps for iOS, Android, or Windows devices - without code.

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Designed to support your unique mobile process needs

Empower your mobile workforce with workflow apps tailored to their department or process and branded with your corporate identity. Easily build and deploy custom mobile applications across Nintex Workflow Cloud™, SharePoint on premises, and SharePoint online without writing a single line of code with Nintex App Studio. Deliver the apps to your business users within minutes over the air or with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.

Create mobile process apps

Create mobile process apps

With Nintex App Studio, build powerful mobile applications by simply selecting the forms and/or workflows to include in the app. Drive increased engagement in a more efficient and cost-effective process than traditional custom mobile development by using the tools you’re already familiar with. Streamline business functions shared by all, such as creating a meeting room request app that all employees can access or build an individual department app such as a field safety inspection app for the maintenance and operations department.

Field Safety Inspection Solution

Customize apps with a unique look and feel

Each application can be custom designed with logos, colors, and images. Upload existing brand materials and preview the app in real time as the app is built.

Customize apps with a unique look and feel
Easily deploy and refresh apps

Easily deploy and refresh apps

Easily distribute apps built with Nintex App Studio to users over the air via a simple and secure email process or use a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. This allows you to reduce the turnaround time between completing and deploying apps, easily determine who should receive apps and simplify the installation process for your users.

Deploy apps across all major mobile platforms

Nintex App Studio hosts extensive resources in the cloud which are deployed on demand to build apps for all major mobile platforms. Focus on creating powerful process apps to use on any device without the need to maintain several different build environments.

Build powerful mobile process applications for:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows 8+
Deploy apps across all major platforms

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