Process Intelligence

Turn data into actionable insight with Nintex Hawkeye™ Process Intelligence. With our integrated analytics tool, you can monitor your workflows’ performance, discover data-driven trends, and optimize your business processes.

Take your automated process to the next level


Measure the efficacy of your workflows and track their performance to develop a benchmark for success.


Interpret critical data and get transparent information in plain, usable terms that you can easily action.


Identify bottlenecks and iterate on workflows to make lasting improvements to your business processes.

Visualize the flow of your business

Pre-built, customizable analytics dashboards allow you to easily visualize process data across your organization. Nintex Hawkeye Process Intelligence goes beyond the simple production of raw data—it determines what you need to measure, track, and improve to help you gain unique insight into your business operations.

Zero in on key metrics

Drag and drop a Nintex Hawkeye beacon into your workflow designer and automatically start collecting critical data. With multiple analytics lenses, you can understand key consumption metrics, calculate the return on your automation investment, and gain insight into operational aspects of your processes—like workflow status, ownership, design proficiency, and business impact.

Know your processes, know your customers

Optimize the processes that form the backbone of your business—like customer case management. With Nintex Hawkeye, you can collect data from customer support workflows to monitor customer satisfaction levels. Analyze response and escalation rates for incident reports, infringements on SLAs, engagement rates, overall account health, and more.

Nintex Hawkeye Process Intelligence in action

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