Process Intelligence

Tracking the flow of your business has never been easier. Examine what your workflows are doing for you, identify patterns, reveal and solve bottlenecks, and optimize the value of daily business activities. Get the operational insight you need to govern processes.

Optimize processes to tighten workflows


Measure business process effectiveness and understand and benchmark performance


Identify process improvements across your automation portfolio and easily implement process changes


Visualize the impact of your entire process automation portfolio and monitor and manage workflow deployment and use

Visualize the flow of your business

The pre-built, customizable dashboards of Process Intelligence (formerly Nintex Hawkeye) zero in on what your business is doing. Virtually anyone in your business can visualize data to focus on optimization and measure impact. Our no-code, intelligent dashboards give you the power to improve.

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Export data into your tools

Extend Process Intelligence data to other business intelligence tools to further customize your dashboards. Leverage the capabilities of your existing reporting systems with an easy connection to workflow data. Gain insight into process automation scope, effectiveness, and business impact.

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Look deeply. Share intelligently

Want a deeper dive into your data? Not a problem. Zoom in for a granular look–by region, department, product, personnel, or parameters unique to your enterprise. Collaborate and share your results with intelligent reports and best-in-class visualization tools.

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Process intelligence in action

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