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Remote education

Fuel the learning process for remote students

Adapting to a “new normal” with remote education

Remote education provides a way for teachers to continue to help students develop on their education journey without being physically in the classroom together. Nintex Workflow Cloud provides a sophisticated automation solution that can help ensure teachers transition to remote working without compromising the attention they give their students. We make it easy for teachers to create and deliver homework assignments, while automatically storing student data in Microsoft Teams.

Create an online repository of student work
Digital forms and automated workflows enable teachers to create, send and grade assignments, and store results in Microsoft Teams.
Improve the remote education experience
Providing an automated solution for remote assignments takes the guesswork out of remote education. Teachers and students alike can quickly access their work, and securely send and store assignments.
Generate more time for teaching
By automating homework assignment generation, teachers can spend less time on administration and more time on lesson plans and one-to-one tuition.
Track student progress

Nintex Forms and Workflows make it easy for a teacher to grade and store student assignments in Microsoft Teams. This also allows for easier tracking of a student’s or entire class’s progress throughout a semester, leaving the teacher more time to work on lesson plans and individual student attention. Students also benefit from this automated process, as they are automatically kept up to date on their assignments and exactly where to access the files they need, when they need them.

Optimize the homework assignment process

There is a lot of administration involved in teaching that goes beyond the classroom. In this era of remote learning, teachers might be struggling to digitally transform their manual processes. Our sophisticated workflow solutions take the pain out of assigning, collecting, and grading homework virtually.

Picture of Homework Assignment
Access assignments on any device, anywhere

With Nintex, accessing assignments, grades or other important information is made simple. Nintex Forms and Mobile Apps enable remote education from a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. You can even work while you’re offline, then as soon as you regain internet access, your workflow will automatically proceed.

An automation solution for every industry

No matter your industry or business role, the Nintex Process Platform gives your team the tools - and time - to get your best work done.

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