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Advanced equipment service

Keep your equipment running by automating service reminders

Don’t lose vital equipment to outdated, slow processes

Advanced Equipment Service is a major part of many industries, including energy and emergency services. It keeps the oil refineries and wind turbines going, generating essential power, and ensures firefighters and medics can save lives. Accelerate your AES processes to keep equipment at its peak performance.

Map out processes and remove unnecessary, repetitious steps that slow everything down.
Accelerate time-to-completion with automatic steps in processes that instantly progress on their own.
Provide field technicians with vital information so they can diagnose issues en route and resolve them on arrival.
Manual repair requests lead to critical downtime

In traditional break/fix processes, a machine goes down, someone notices, and determines who to contact to request a service technician. Then there’s the inevitable wait for the specialist to be dispatched, diagnose the issue, and repair work to be done. This all leads to downtime and a loss of important output. But with workflow automation, downtime is drastically reduced or avoided completely.

Expediting cases from creation to resolution

Streamline requests from the moment they’re created, automatically routing them for evaluation, auto-generating work orders, prompting for work to be done and inspections signed off, as well as updating your servicing database.

Image of Nintex expediting cases process
Quick responses optimize uptime

With Nintex, maintenance responses are accelerated—allowing more to get done in less time. You can map the entire process and identify automation opportunities in the maintenance request form across approval, dispatch, repair, record updating, and invoicing. Delays are eliminated as key data instantly flows to the person who needs it to perform their step in the process and is automatically passed to the next person once complete.

An automation solution for every industry

No matter your industry or business role, the Nintex Process Platform gives your team the tools - and time - to get your best work done.

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