Nintex for Health and Life Sciences

Experience an ecosystem free of paper documents, disjointed manual processes, siloed data, and unhappy patients. Experience Nintex, where a healthy dose of automation is just what the doctor ordered. From healthcare providers to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, Nintex lets health and life sciences companies focus on what they do best—helping patients live healthier lives.

Symptoms of a market in transition

Disruptive competitors. Shrinking margins. Evolving regulations. Today’s health and life sciences companies face new and growing pressures. The challenges are many, but the solution is clear. Now is the time to embrace digital transformation.

Patient expectations

Patients are digitally savvy. They expect seamless, informed experiences—like those they enjoy in their everyday lives—before, during, and after care. Those who deliver on this expectation are rewarded with their business. And those who don’t have a short window to change the way they approach the customer experience.

Competitive pressures

Better care, medications, and devices delivered faster at a lower cost is entirely within reach. New, digital-first competitors and value-based reimbursement models are forcing the entire healthcare system to find ways to catch up if they want to compete.

Siloed data and processes

Improving patient experience and outcomes has plagued health and life sciences companies for far too long. To make real and lasting change—and protect against declining margins and competitors pursuing innovation—the industry must break the chains of siloed data and processes.

Compliance and regulatory controls

In the face of increased scrutiny of data integrity, tracking of wellness initiatives, and the need to align to government processes to bring new devices and medications to market—it’s clear that things must change. The health and life sciences industry must find ways to efficiently—and securely—comply with complex and ever-shifting regulations.

The more opportunities we give employees to put their time and talents toward patient care, the better we can support the health of our community.
/ Rick Casteel, Vice President of IT at Upper Chesapeake Health /

Contract research organization RFPs

Bring new medical devices to market more quickly and economically by better managing highly regulated RFP processes when selecting the best CRO.

Automation in action - Health and Life Sciences

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