Nintex for government and the public sector

Federal, state, and local agencies can do more with less when they automate end-to-end processes with Nintex. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) digitally transforms government operations, services, and engagement to accelerate public outcomes in health, education, safety, and taxes—which, in turn, ensures greater public satisfaction.

Meeting higher public expectations

Government agencies operate under relentless pressure from the public to deliver better results, faster—all while budgets are reduced or remain flat. Adding to the challenge are outdated procedures that prolong processes and impact public opinion when services fail to meet expectations.

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Pressure to accelerate results

Digital technologies have improved how things are done in countless ways, dramatically affecting—and streamlining—nearly every aspect of people’s lives. Given the level of this digital impact, the public now demands the same of government services and initiatives.

Ongoing regulation changes

As power shifts and public policy changes, agencies face the ongoing challenge to rapidly adjust operational processes to support changing direction.

Doing more with less

Budget constraints are always a challenge, but in this age, they also drive the need to have an agenda built on productivity. Governments must look to automated digital initiatives to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and citizen satisfaction.

Cross-agency standardization

Disparate information and manual processes have slowed progress and, ultimately, results throughout the government sector. The need for better coordination and communication across government departments has never been more pronounced.

Having these systems in place compresses the time it takes to get information out to the public. It’s about public safety.
/Anthony Gouder, HBRC Business Improvement Analyst/

Automate public records requests

Use Modern Forms and advanced workflow logic to automate and digitize requests for public records. Reduce processing time and messy paperwork while improving convenience for citizens.

Coordinate incident response

Manage incidents based on severity, deploying response teams when needed. Automate the flow of communication and allow workers in the field to capture data while on the scene. Significantly improve response times and simplify post-incident reporting.

Accelerate recruitment and onboarding

Streamline the recruitment and onboarding processes for government contractors or military, from background and medical checks, to equipment provisioning and assignment. Use Advanced Workflow to ensure all regulatory steps are completed and core system repositories are up to date.

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