Digitally transform government operations

Federal, state, and local agencies can achieve more with less using Nintex process automation software. Digitally transform government operations, services, and engagement to accelerate public outcomes in health, education, safety, and more.

Deliver more for less

Improve efficiencies

Overcome budget constraints by streamlining the processes that drive your organization. Automated processes improve efficiency, effectiveness, and citizen satisfaction.

Facilitate change

Public opinion and policy can change rapidly. Remove outdated paper-based and manual procedures to become more agile and meet the demands of new policy and public expectations.

Break down cross-agency silos

Coordination and communication across government departments have never been more important. Break down information silos and remove manual processes to achieve cross-agency coordination.


Need to increase productivity and deliver more despite a shortage of resources and budget? Nintex helps federal government workers automate processes to streamline work while staying fully compliant with all required standards.

NMISA scales their operations with automated workflows


Avoid becoming buried in paperwork and manage data more efficiently. Nintex streamlines processes, reduces documentation errors, and provides for the rapid retrieval of archived data with a complete, digital audit trail.

Eagle River & Sanitation ensures rapid data retrieval


Local agencies must understand, organize, and rapidly scale business processes to keep up with the demand for services. Nintex Promapp helps you map your processes, so they can be updated quickly and easily.

Port Stephens Council cuts inefficiencies and costs
Having these systems in place compresses the time it takes to get information out to the public. It’s about public safety.
/ Anthony Gouder, HBRC Business Improvement Analyst /

Automation in action - Government

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