Nintex for Financial Services

Imagine a more efficient, compliant, and accurate client experience, distinguishing you as the provider of choice. Stand out above the crowd with streamlined, automated workflows—processes trusted by IT and simple for staff to use—so you can put the focus on your customer.

Thriving in an evolving market

Shifts in technology, regulation, global events, and customer need mean a volatile business environment—with all the accompanying risk. Organizations that strategically address an ever-evolving marketplace thrive, while those that don’t find their challenges multiply.

Heightened client expectation

Clients expect more from their financial institutions than ever before. And competition these days is not limited to the financial vertical. Institutions are being compared to all the world-class organizations people engage with every day.

Competitive pressures

Nimble, technology-based competitors are proactively responding to increased client expectations by stripping away inefficiencies commonly found in traditional financial services companies.


Abiding by internal and external policies and regulations—while critical—is often challenging in a rapidly-changing industry.

Siloed data and processes

When IT architecture and systems are not connected, digital transformation is held hostage.

Thanks to Nintex and Ebiz, our corporate customers can often get a credit line in less than a week now, and our retail customers can usually open an account in less than a day.
/Frederick Nathanael, Head of Business Process and Operations Management, ANZ/

Policy underwriting

Accelerate underwriting, generate data-driven quotes, and auto-populate approvals and denials—while decreasing request response time, clearly logging workflow stages, archiving necessary documentation, and minimizing errors.

Client onboarding

Craft tailored, holistic financial plan for clients with Modern Forms and Advanced Workflow. Deliver a best-in-class customer experience while eliminating costs and driving transparency.

Automation in action - Financial Services

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