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Today’s lesson: District speeds crucial processes, cuts costs

More than an operations issue

Hernando County School District needed to formalize and automate processes within its Facilities and Construction Department. With construction going on almost all the time, the issuance of building permits was a crucial process and, under Florida statute, the district was responsible for ensuring that all its permits met building, fire and life safety code requirements.

Following an approved tax to fund deferred maintenance, the districts construction projects quickly grew. The Department needed software that could address the district’s full range of construction and operational processes – within their tight public sector budget. Their answer was Nintex. The district is now leveraging Nintex Process Manager to map and understand its processes, and then using Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow to automate them.

Hernando County School District
Capabilities Used
Process Manager
Automation Cloud

Who they are

The Hernando County School District is located on the central-west coast of Florida, also known as Florida’s Nature Coast. It includes five high schools, four middle schools, three K-8 schools and 10 elementary schools, plus, charter, and technical/adult education schools.

What they needed

The Facilities and Construction Department at Hernando County Schools faced a trifecta of needs: boost productivity, retain informal knowledge, and minimize risk.

How they did it

The district is meeting all of these needs by adopting Nintex to reinvent its top-ten business processes, including its building permits approval process which uses Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflow, Nintex DocGen® and Nintex eSign.

Easy to learn and implement

The district came up with its top-ten list of processes to standardize and automate with Nintex. First up: the issuance of building permits—an easily identifiable process with the greatest risk if not managed successfully. Responsibility for creating the workflow solution was assigned to Barbara Mattson. Far from being a business analyst or software developer, Mattson is a secretary in the district’s Facilities and Construction Department.

First, Mattson consulted with co-workers to identify all required steps in the building-permit process, the responsible party for each, and the connections and relations among the steps. Then, she used Nintex Process Manager to capture this information and create a highly visual flowchart of the intended workflow. With her co-workers’ consensus on the anticipated solution, Mattson could proceed. She completed the first Nintex solution in about two months, in time for the start of the school year.

The process is kicked off with a Nintex Form that project managers, contractors and others complete to request building permits. Nintex Workflow manages the collection of relevant data, routing, and approval. Once approved, Nintex DocGen® creates the building permit from content in the application and reviews. Then, the workflow leverages Nintex eSign to request signatures from officials. Once signed, the workflow sends an automated email to the project manager and applicant. Based on the success of the building permit approval workflow, the district plans to apply Nintex to its entire top-ten list of business processes.

Like so many organizations, particularly in the public sector, our people have been overwhelmed by growing workloads. We’re using Nintex to alleviate this problem and do more with less. We now complete the building permit approvals in half the time.
Brian Ragan, Director of Facilities and Construction, Hernando County School District
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