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Massive growth through streamlined sales process

When you have a world-class sales force across the United States, you want to ensure they can sell to the best of their ability without putting technology hurdles in their way.

Proliant, a leader in delivering payroll and all HR processes, wanted to find a process automation solution that would solve their immediate sales process issues while also positioning the company for growth. Nintex K2 Five was selected to do both.

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Who they are

Proliant is a software company that provides tools to simplify payroll and HR processes.

What they needed

Proliant was growing and needed to accelerate sales processes that were outdated and untimely.

How they did it

With Nintex K2 Five, Proliant automated the quote generation process reducing the time from 4 days to a few hours.

Removing sales bottlenecks

Challenge: Manual, inefficient sales

Proliant’s existing sales process utilized archaic quoting methods in tools that were not integrated with each other. Sales quotes were hand-delivered to customers for manual signature. Sales quote metadata was difficult to report on. When business requirements changed, it was difficult to update the solution.

As the CFO, Adam Clayton had first-hand knowledge of the process: “We had an archaic method of quoting by using Excel documents with enforced rules via custom scripting, so any time there was a new rate update we’d have to go in and edit the VBA code to change the rate, test the calculation, and update the permission rules. Being able to offload that process and having an easier interface to manage business processes and workflows was something I knew we needed.”

Solution: Automated quote creation

Using Nintex K2 Five, Proliant was able to build a fully automated quote builder solution that provides seamless integration with their back-end systems. The flexibility provided by Nintex K2 Five makes it easy to update the solution in real-time when business requirements change.

The solution has deployed to Proliant’s entire salesforce and they’ve seen significant improvements in time-to-quote for sales representatives, taking a process that previously took 3 – 4 days down to a matter of hours.

One of the beauties of Nintex K2 Five and where it really shines is…we’ve had to make lots of adjustments due to changes in our business and Nintex K2 Five has been very quick at adapting to these changing business requirements on the fly.
Adam Clayton, CFO, Proliant
Finding the right technology

Challenge: Supporting growth

Proliant’s existing technology stack consisted of solutions that were complex and hard to maintain. The company knew they needed to find new technology solutions that would enable more efficient and flexible development.

Solution: Complete process automation

As part of their strategic digital transformation initiative, Proliant set out to find a digital process automation (DPA) solution that would help them meet their initial objectives for the sales process while also providing a platform for further process automation.

Focusing on three main objectives—including cross-functional efficiency, customer journey reporting and integration capabilities—Proliant evaluated Nintex K2 Five and a competitor’s platform. Ultimately, Proliant chose K2 Software. “[Nintex] K2 Five is much more robust and offers so much more when we build end-to-end systems with 3rd party integration, robotics and strong forms and workflow capabilities,” says Arthur Orekyeh, Senior SharePoint Solutions Developer at Proliant.

Nintex K2 Five and digital process automation are creating a new paradigm at Proliant. They can now enhance their ability to do business more efficiently and plan to leverage this lean approach to automation as they proceed to streamline processes for the Operations and Implementation teams. “[Nintex] K2 Five really filled the gap…We can start taking things that people do without even thinking and automate them so that other people can do them without having to know… This will really help us move the company to the next level,” says Cory Loriot, Senior SharePoint Solutions Architect.

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