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MAN Energy Solutions reduces downtime to “nearly nothing” with Nintex Advanced Workflow

Nintex increases system reliability and productivity over previous workflow system

Germany-based large diesel engine and turbo machine supplier, MAN Energy Solutions’s existing workflow automation solution was very complex and hardware-intensive. Repairs and maintenance to their system were expensive and required intervention from a U.K. based team.

Because their workflow automation system was built with a single point of failure, when the system went down, it prompted widespread productivity issues. “We were essentially flying without a net when it came to failover,” says System Consultant, Fernando dos Santos Nunes. “Whenever something went wrong with the system, there was nothing in place to keep it up and running.”

In addition, the complex workflow design intimidated many of MAN Energy Solutions’s users, which negatively impacted company-wide adoption and efficiencies.

MAN Energy Solutions needed to find a less complex workflow solution that would make the most of its investment in SharePoint technologies, reduce overhead, improve productivity, and intelligently automate and optimize business process. While working with its IT partner, Innofactor Denmark, the company decided to deploy a Nintex Advanced Workflow solution.

MAN Energy Solutions
Capabilities Used
Automation Cloud

Who they are

Based in Augsburg, Germany, MAN Energy Solutions is a leading supplier of large diesel engines and turbo machines. MAN Energy Solutions has a staff of more than 15,000 located at more than 100 sites internationally.

What they needed

MAN Energy Solutions’s workflow solution was prone to failure. Repairs required intervention from a team located thousands of miles away. The company needed a new workflow solution that was less complex and that could help reduce overhead.

How they did it

MAN Energy Solutions integrated Nintex Advanced Workflow with SharePoint to help make business processes more efficient. Compared with their prior workflow automation solution, they were able reduce licensing costs and simplify workflow creation and execution.

Multi-point failover makes Nintex Platform a more reliable workflow automation solution

Reduces time for reviews, approvals

With Advanced Workflow, MAN Energy Solutions made its business processes more efficient. The automation from Advanced Workflow for approvals, reviews and documentation enables the company to reduce time and significantly improve the quality of their customer service and support.

The Nintex multi-point failover has increased system reliability dramatically. “Because our previous system had a single point of failure, system outages usually turned into productivity outages for our employees,” dos Santos Nunes says. “With the Nintex solution, we have a much more stable platform, and our downtime has been reduced significantly.”

Faster approvals, no downtime. That’s Nintex.

Nintex Workflow has provided so many business benefits - from tracking history, to flexibility to adapt to change, to better authentication and more.
Fernando dos Santos Nunes, System Consultant, MAN Energy Solutions
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