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Major pharmaceuticals firm uses Nintex to support growth strategy

Support for a growing business

Since 2017, iNova Pharmaceuticals executives have focused on expanding their business development and revenue targets. These efforts have required innovation on a variety of fronts.

One of those fronts was automating business processes for scale and agility while freeing staff to maximize the value they bring to the company. To achieve this, iNova considered several workflow solutions. It chose Nintex for its intuitive interface, higher functionality, and greater potential to add value to the company’s processes, according to Sam Cumming, Senior Project Manager at iNova.

iNova Pharmaceuticals
Health & Life Sciences
Capabilities Used
Automation Cloud

Who they are

iNova Pharmaceuticals distributes a wide range of market-leading, branded prescription medicines and non-prescription healthcare products across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.

What they need

iNova sought to continue expanding its brands and its geographic reach. The company needed a more effective way to handle business processes which required workflows, including multiple departments and country locations.

How they did it

iNova automated various supply chain, HR, and finance processes using Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex Forms, with support from Nintex partner, Antares.

A business-critical competitive advantage

First up was a new way to onboard vendors, to replace a decentralized, ad hoc process based on email threads and a variety of SharePoint folders. Cumming and his colleagues worked with Nintex partner Antares, part of the Cloud Collective, to automate vendor onboarding. The new vendor request workflow, based on Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex Forms, starts with an iNova employee completing a form that is routed automatically, as appropriate, to reviewers in the finance, legal, accounts payable, and procurement departments.

As needed, reviewers receive automated reminders to respond. Managers always know the status of the workflow and where there may be a delay—a big contrast to the previous manual processes, which could entail managers hunting through scores of emails or document repositories to keep an approval moving. As a result, the vendor onboarding process is approximately 30% faster than the previous process.

With Nintex, iNova can spin up complex workflows in just a couple of days, and go into production use a few weeks later after iterative discussions, testing, and refinement with business users. Onboarding vendors is just the first of many business processes the company plans to automate and scale.

“The longer our business uses Nintex workflows, the more business-critical they become in helping us to achieve our goals.”
– Sam Cumming, Senior Project Manager, iNova Pharmaceuticals
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