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Effectively manage your risk and compliance with Nintex Promapp®

Manage risk, not spreadsheets

Risk and reward go hand in hand, but there is a big difference between extreme sports and enterprise business. While some relish risk and seek it out, smart companies take considered steps to minimize and control risk in their business environment.

Unfortunately, risk can’t be eliminated. While the best process management and process mapping initiatives can capture and support excellent business processes, even in these environments a significant number of process executions will ‘leave the rails’ and end up exposing potential losses, breakdowns or poor customer experiences. It’s these circumstances that risk management addresses, recognizing where the breakdowns could occur and documenting them, then establishing checks and balances that reduce the exposure to potentially costly issues.

Managing risks like this is a significant part of compliance for a number of organizations. Standards like ISO require a careful adherence to risk management methodologies that protect the organization, and by extension, its customers, from catastrophic breakdowns.

A world-class process management solution

The risk and compliance add-on from Nintex Promapp® takes this focus and successfully integrates it into the world-class process management platform that teams know and love. It’s this essential connection with the core business processes that makes risk management more effective and efficient.

Successful risk management relies on ongoing risk awareness across the whole organization.

By incorporating risk and compliance requirements directly within business processes, Nintex Promapp® ensures that risk management is an everyday activity, rather than a last-minute audit consideration. The link between key processes and risk owners ensures that the right people are both aware of their responsibilities and informed when changes occur – in real-time.

This integration provides dynamic benefits. User dashboards update process and risk managers when developments occur, giving opportunities to sign off controls with ease, while still providing comprehensive visibility. When roles and responsibilities change, those changes flow through to the processes, risks, and controls. Escalations and treatment signoffs are automated, making sure that all the stakeholders are kept up to date with ease.

The risk and compliance add-on supports ISO compliance, including ISO:9001:2015 and ISO:31000:2009 which ensures the regular and required audits are no longer a point of stress for teams. With clear reporting and accountability built in, Nintex Promapp® allows an organization to simply and effectively manage risk hand-in-hand with its processes.


Nintex Promapp has been helping customers manage risk and compliance for many years, here are some of our customer testimonials

Rinnai:  “The integrated risk functionality is magnificent – all controls are linked from our processes. No more reminding people for risk management signoffs, Nintex Promapp® reminds them.”  Read full case study here


Villa Maria Wines: “We find our audits increasingly stress free. Nintex Promapp® is ideal for documentation tracking and we have ensured that our ISO manuals are in Nintex Promapp®.”  Read full case study here


Agilyx: “Nintex Promapp® will be a critical part of our day-to-day business operation while seamlessly meeting our very high standard for security, risk auditing, and compliance to support the business and our customers.” Read full case study here


Heartland Bank” “We’ve found the dashboard, process improvement reminders, suggestions for improvements and linking process risks to our controls particularly useful.”


Waikato District Council “Nintex Promapp® has changed the way we manage our business. It is all about induction, risk management, continuous improvement, business continuity. It has provided us with so much more than just a process mapping tool.”



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