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What is business process management (BPM)?

Successful business process management (BPM) is about capturing, understanding, and improving on the way your business provides products and services to your customers. It’s more than just assembling a few flow charts or a comprehensive procedure manual; the heart of effective business process management is engaging teams in the ongoing pursuit of excellence in every field.

A healthy business process management approach recognizes that your business processes are a key knowledge asset of your organization, and need to be treated as such. That means adequately protecting and maintaining them, and ensuring that they are fit for use and available to the teams that need them.

Traditionally, businesses have gone to great lengths to capture and catalog business processes. Experts have created complex and convoluted flowcharts, and packed procedure folders with lengthy documentation. Unfortunately, those artifacts then sit as a static record of a moment in time, and quickly become irrelevant. What’s more, the procedures they contain are hard to find by those who need to access them, and even harder to understand if they can be tracked down.

Overcoming the old BPM hurdles

The old way of approaching business processes faces a number of challenges, which can be overcome by utilizing an effective process management platform. Traditional flowcharts and procedure manuals can’t engage teams and create a collaborative culture of continuous improvement, which are vital to healthy processes. Here’s how a business process management platform can succeed where other approaches fall down.

Accountability and ownership

Once processes are recorded, there is rarely any way to track the ways they are being used – or changed. Handwritten notes in the margins of a procedure manual can’t be tracked by management or leveraged for better results in other departments. Using an effective business process management platform ensures that processes are owned, and users are accountable for the changes made to them.

Consistent execution

When processes are scattered, there is little or no way to ensure the right information is being employed at every point. With that comes the potential for costly breakdowns as procedures mutate under everyday use through shortcuts and misinformation, or teams rely on legacy practices passed down by word of mouth rather than the proper procedures. Capturing and collecting process information in a business process management tool ensures there is a single source of truth that is easily accessible by everyone.

Changes can be communicated in real-time, and users can have confidence that they have the latest information at their fingertips.

Reliable returns

Tracking the benefits of improving business processes is challenging when the only record of the existing practices are static diagrams or documents. An effective BPM platform provides dynamic information about cycle times and process execution costs and can compile reports on both the current regime and the different improvements have made.

Better business process management

Business processes are vital to the effective operation of any enterprise, but the proper management of them can be the difference between stagnant returns and increasing customer satisfaction. Using a business process management platform to capture, manage and improve your processes is the best way to ensure you engage your teams and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.


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