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It’s Time to Fix Broken Onboarding and IT Provisioning for New Users

An important part of the onboarding process, IT provisioning is a business process for creating and managing access to resources in an IT system, including hardware, intranets, CRMs, etc.

IT provisioning helps new starters get up and running as quickly as possible, giving them the access to all the tools they need. This post will examine what happens when IT provisioning goes wrong and how Nintex can help IT teams and the line of business work together to automate the process.

When onboarding breaks down

It’s Monday morning and Tasmin is starting a new job. She’s eager to get started and make a great first impression.

When Tasmin arrives, she is met by her team leader and introduced to her new team members. She then meets with an HR executive for a rundown of company policy and is handed a welcome pack with all the info needed to get up and running. When she sits down at her desk, Tasmin finds the password she is supposed to use to access her machine and IT systems in her welcome pack. But when trying to access the company intranet, her user account details aren’t recognized.

Tasmin tries to find her team leader, but they’re already in the first of many meetings that day. After finding someone in the team to help, Tasmin is put through to the IT helpdesk support team, who create a support ticket (another ticket in a long list of tickets) to provide new login details for her.

Two and a half hours later, Tasmin logs in with her new user account details and can finally start her day.

Broken onboarding and IT provisioning processes

Unfortunately, scenarios like this play out all the time – perhaps more than most enterprises would like to admit. New starter onboarding and IT provisioning processes are crucial. When they go wrong, the new starter, the team, and the organization all lose out.

Being unable to access the IT systems you need is not an ideal way to start at your new place of work. It’s certainly not how you want to welcome a new employee to your company.

Not only is productivity hampered by broken onboarding and IT provisioning processes, but first impressions count and when employees start off on the wrong foot it can have a lasting effect on their impression of their new company and how they fit in the team. You don’t want your new employee, who begins with a keen and eager mindset, ready and willing to impress, thinking: “Wow, what a start! This company can’t get the basics right. I wonder what else is going to go wrong.”

IT provisioning for user accounts: An automated workflow

IT provisioning processes usually involve tedious administrative tasks, which need to be repeated for every new employee. Because of this, human error often creeps in and important steps are missed out, causing the whole workflow to break down.

Automating this process reduces the administrative burdens of account management and the risks of mistakes, ensuring that all required approvals are received before the new user starts on their first day. They have access to the applications, devices, and systems they need to get the ball rolling.

With Nintex, you can easily add or delete user accounts for employees who are joining the company:

  • Create digital forms to automatically capture data
  • Keep a full audit trail of each user account
  • Route provisioning requests to the correct approver

You can view a workflow diagram of how this exact process works on the Nintex website.

Automate intelligently with Nintex

Our research study, Nintex’s Definitive Guide to America’s Most Broken Processes, discovered that a lack of prompt IT service is a crucial factor in broken processes and reduced productivity. Only 24 percent of respondents reported ‘very prompt’ IT service. With IT such a crucial part of the digital workplace, it is imperative that organizations fix this.

The solution lies in automation. In particular, it lies in using a simple but powerful no-code workflow automation solution to bring IT and the line of business together. With the right tools, processes are streamlined and downtime is reduced, and the two teams can work together to identify how to improve processes. It is only through managing, automating, and optimizing these crucial processes that organizations can increase productivity in the 21st century, and become agile, efficient organizations that are better placed to provide the best employee experiences.


To learn more about onboarding new users and IT provisioning, get in contact with Nintex today. We are automation specialists, helping organizations manage, automate, and optimize their most important processes, driving productivity in the modern digital workplace.


Patrick Nguyen

Pat Nguyen is a Senior Business Analyst at Nintex. In his role, he leverages the Nintex Platform to build custom workflow solutions that solve business challenges. In his spare time, Pat enjoys exploring Seattle on his longboard. He’s a University of Notre Dame alum and a Fighting Irish fan.

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