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Nintex Promapp® integration with SharePoint

With Nintex Proampp process mapping software, it’s easy to embed process and process links into the applications teams use every day.

Establishing a living, breathing improvement culture cannot be achieved by simply deploying a process knowledge base and hoping teams will use it. In order for process mapping and process management to have an effect, teams need to be able to find the process maps easily and engage with them.

The answer is to make process guidance available where and when teams need it, and the best way to do that is to integrate it into the tools they use every day.

Today’s workforce expects to find information easily and within visually intuitive tools. Effective search functions, easy-to-identify links, and seamless integration are all part of the digital landscape we take for granted. It is a step backward to expect teams to move out of their central information hubs to find process mapping and process improvement tools that relate directly to what they were just doing.

That’s why Nintex Promapp® has world-class process improvement tools integrated into the systems that form the information gateway for so many businesses.

With Nintex Promapp®’s one-click sharing, you can embed dynamic processes into SharePoint and intranet pages, CRM screens, mobile device apps and ERP transaction menus and portals. There’s no web part customization required, no breaking down walls in the network to try to wedge it in.

With the built-in functionality, you can embed Nintex Promapp® links in your intranet in minutes.

This opens up the world of your processes to the teams that need them, and they’ll know exactly where to look for them. It brings vital information about improving work productivity and efficiency right to their desktops. It’s searchable and understandable, and they don’t have to look outside the systems they’re already familiar with.


Here are just a few of the benefits of integrating Nintex Promapp® into your SharePoint or intranet:

SharePoint integration made simple

Navigating clear, visually intuitive process maps is easy. User dashboards and process ownership tools make sure everyone knows what their responsibilities are at a glance, making Nintex Promapp® intuitive and easy to use.

Easy collaboration

Processes drive teams, and teams improve processes. With Nintex Promapp®’s collaboration tools, everyone can participate in continuous improvement conversations. One-click process feedback, real-time notifications, and comprehensive changelogs encourage team engagement and ensure people feel like they’ve been heard.

Personalized processes

Users don’t have to guess what’s expected of them. Personalized dashboards show the processes that require their attention, with custom ‘my changes’ notifications and ‘processes I own’ summaries to keep the most relevant information readily at hand.

Authentic governance

Processes evolve with the business, and Nintex Promapp® provides real-time, automatic tracking of the changes as they occur. Changelogs provide complete accountability, and the governance overview shows at a glance which business processes are in progress, awaiting approval, or currently published. Review dates ensure that users can also see when a process is out of date or ready for review, and can be sure that the people responsible have been notified.

Effective approvals

Nintex Promapp® offers a sophisticated stakeholder and accountability structure, enabling users to configure process approvers, stakeholders, and editors by process or group. Ensure the right people are responsible for making changes and authorizing them for release. Process approvers can easily see online processes awaiting their attention and can approve changes with just one click.

Standardized processes

Process variations are a challenge for organizations of any size. Nintex Promapp® can offer controlled variations linked to core standard processes for effective control and analysis. Establish core business processes, then vary them by pre-determined schemes or ad-hoc requirements. Compare the processes easily, view all the variations in one place and track cost differences with clear, focused reports.


Interested in learning more about how Nintex Promapp® can help your organization effectively map and manage your processes? Request a free demo of Nintex Promapp® today. 


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