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Improve Customer Service with Document Generation

According to an Aspect Software survey infographic, 58% of consumers have low expectations when contacting customer service. And 89% are frustrated when they have to repeat themselves about the same issue.

In “2016 Customer Service Trends: Empowering All Employees to Serve the Customer,” Parature highlights this survey as well as other customer service findings. Here’s a roundup of statistics showcasing customer service trends:

  • 89% of companies are expected to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience in 2016 (compared to just 36% in 2010), per Gartner Surveys Confirm Customer Experience is the New Battlefield.
  • In 2017, 50% of consumer product investments will be redirected to customer experience innovations, per that same Gartner article.
  • Nearly two-thirds of contact centers don’t manage inquiries in a standard way, according to a Forrester’s “Contact Centers Must Go Digital or Die” article, but 90% of consumers want a consistent experience across channels.
  • 77% say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service, per the same article.

“Customers are impatient with poor service,” writes Kate Leggett in “Contact Centers Must Go Digital or Die. “They want an accurate, relevant, and complete answer to their question upon first contact so they can get back to what they were doing before the issue arose.”

When a customer has a problem or question or needs assistance, it isn’t something that can wait. Being able to respond immediately is crucial to your customers’ satisfaction, and in turn, your success and even company reputation.

In order to exceed or at least meet expectations, today’s customer service teams need immediate access to the documents, data and information needed to address customer service requests quickly and thoroughly.

How Does Document Generation Help?

Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation helps your service and support teams keep a pulse on accounts and respond to customer needs better and faster.

Our document generation app sits directly in Salesforce, which makes accessing documents, data and customer account history easy and extremely efficient.

With document generation, you can:

  • Create a consistent process to respond to customer needs and distribute information
  • Access customer account history and supporting documents faster
  • Eliminate the need to chase down information or contacts
  • Improve real-time access to data and information
  • Obtain complete visibility into the customer history, documents used and information exchanged

How Does Document Generation Improve Customer Service?

Customer support is a great example of how you can implement document generation to improve customer service. While working with customers to resolve their issues, customer support can have their hands on necessary documents in seconds.

Instead of having to search on your desktop, server or ask a co-worker, you gain  immediate access to the information you need to assist customers, such as:

  • Service manuals (PDF)
  • New product brochures (PDF)
  • Training materials and guides

This streamlined access means that you can quickly find all the technical documents you might need to help your customers and remedy their issues. Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation helps your service and support organizations not only improve customer service and support, but also save your brand from possible negative repercussions.

A Story About Improving Customer Service

Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation can also be a valuable customer service tool when there isn’t a support issue involved at all. Many users use document generation to automate their business transactions.

DocuSign, which is known for its cloud-based eSignature platform, partnered with Nintex Drawloop® to help with documents with more involved requirements, such as multiple signature sign-offs on work orders, statements of work and contracts.

Since integrating with Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation, DocuSign has benefitted from:

  • Faster responses to prospective customers by automating document creation and the signature approval process with document generation.
  • Rapid turnaround time for the more than 200 sales representatives who use the integrated Nintex Drawloop®/DocuSign solution.
  • Expanded value with a complete e-signature transaction management platform that helps companies accelerate business processes.


No matter your organization or industry, customer service is a top priority. Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation enables your customer service team to quickly provide exceptional and thorough service, and keep your customers satisfied.


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