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What are good processes really worth?

Start seeing the ROI of process excellence

Process excellence is a common pursuit of numerous respected and high-profile companies. But you’d be forgiven for asking, “What good is it, really?”.

For every successful continuous improvement program, there are others that have stalled at the gate, or been unable to gain traction, and it’s in no small part because the value is sometimes hard to quantify.

In the short term, the temptation is to keep the line of business busy adding value and increasing profitability by doing their jobs, rather than writing down how they do it. That’s a very limited perspective, though, and it may miss out on the considerable value that can come from the culture of continuous improvement a tool like Nintex Promapp® can promote.

Good process management saves time

Having your processes in one central, online repository saves your people time looking for them.

By having custom dashboards and notifications, Nintex Promapp® ensures everyone can see what is happening to their processes at a glance. Using the “Processes I’m In” shortcut, users get a condensed list of only the processes that are relevant to them, saving time digging through a procedure manual or cluttered directory full of Visio charts.

International packaging business Graphic Packaging introduced Nintex Promapp® to help smooth out their delivery system. By capturing and managing the processes clearly, they were able to go from measuring performance in terms of the percentage of deliveries in full and on time (DIFOT), to the number of weeks of 100% DIFOT.

Personalized dashboards let users easily see the process information most relevant to them.

Better processes benefit customers

Satisfied customers don’t just happen. They come about through superior service and excellent products, which in turn are a result of effective and efficient processes.

By engaging the line of business, Nintex Promapp® encourages everyone to get involved in refining and reviewing your processes. The expertise that sits with the practitioners who execute your processes day-to-day can be leveraged and scaled across the organization, ensuring that the improvements and innovations they find get shared and implemented company-wide.

Gippsland Water manages the water resources over 5000 square kilometers in Victoria, Australia. Utilizing Nintex Promapp® to improve their customer relations systems, they were able to resolve 50% more customer calls on the first contact than they had previously.

Similarly, Lumo Energy was able to reduce customer churn by over 20% through better processes managed in Nintex Promapp®. That equates to a real difference in regular revenue.

Feedback lets process users provide improvement ideas directly to the key stakeholders.

Process excellence paves the way for digital transformation

Most businesses recognize that time spent doing repetitive, manual tasks is less than optimal for valuable staff resources. However, identifying where tools like automation provide the best benefit can be difficult to assess.

Nintex Promapp® utilizes tags to identify opportunities for improvement such as Lean, and can also be used to pinpoint where automation might benefit a process. Using System tags helps identify where key tools like CRM or cloud repositories are employed and a simple system report can then highlight the processes that are best suited to automation.

One large engineering firm in the US used Nintex Promapp® to spearhead their automation initiative and were able to identify 280 opportunities to automate their processes. When that is measured in terms of the cost of an independent automation consultant achieving the same, the savings are significant.

Once the opportunities are clear, the Workflow Generator can connect Nintex Promapp® with Nintex Workflow Cloud to make implementing the solutions quick and easy, ensuring effective collaboration and more robust automations.

The workflow generator makes it easy to collaborate on effective automation solutions.

Process management takes time, commitment and effort. It’s worth it though; the return on investment is both measurable and significant.

From greater efficiency to improved customer experience and greater opportunities for digital transformation, process excellence provides genuine value to the business in tangible ways. If your processes aren’t returning the value you expect, talk to us about how Nintex Promapp® can fuel a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.


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