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Customer Spotlight: Busy Bees Asia

In 2019, I wrote a blog post about Nintex customer Fulton County School System and the top digital transformation trends within the education sector. A few years and a global pandemic later, the demand for digital within education has only grown.

From classrooms to administration, there are countless processes that can benefit from technology – and some even help foster educational growth. Nintex customer Busy Bees Asia knows that ensuring its educators have access to the right digital tools and technology is a priority for its students.

Digital transformation to support digital transformation

Part of the global Busy Bees Group, Busy Bees Asia is an early education and childcare services provider with more than 80 locations across Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Jordan Yap, IT Director at Busy Bees Asia, oversees the company’s IT needs for over 2,000 employees including the company’s IT provisioning needs – which ensures employees have access to the technology they need to do their jobs.

To support the provisioning processes, Busy Bees Asia had previously built a solution on InfoPath to manage provisioning requests. However, as the organization introduced new tools, its reach was limited to headquarters – requiring changes for staff located outside of the headquarters to be managed manually. Jordan and his team needed a more powerful and complete solution to help manage provisioning at scale as the organization continues to grow.

Automated provisioning with Nintex

With guidance from SRKK Consulting, Busy Bees Asia evaluated the Nintex Process Platform and quickly realized what they were looking for.

“One of the main challenges we needed to address was scalability as we continue to grow across the region – it is an imperative condition for this process and others we choose to adopt. Once Nintex was introduced, we knew we had a solution to the issue at hand.”
– Jordan Yap, IT Director, Busy Bees Asia

The provisioning process is now completely automated with Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow:

  • When an existing or new employee needs licensing, an online form is completed by the user, manager, or HR.
  • The request is sent to applicable stakeholders to approve, and once approved Nintex creates user accounts and assigns the license(s).

Busy Bees Asia now has visibility into status across the entire provisioning process, so stakeholders know when tasks are completed or when there’s a bottleneck. Additionally, the process across all Busy Bees Asia locations is now standardized on one automated solution.

Thanks to support form SRKK Consulting, the complete solution was built in just three months. Busy Bees Asia has eliminated human error and improved the speed of this process down to just three business days. The same process is also leveraged when staff change roles or leave the company.

“Leveraging Nintex Forms and Workflow for this solution has created a more productive and secure process, improved communications and visibility, and streamlined our use of process automation,” shares Jordan.

What’s next

In June, Busy Bees Asia was named a finalist in the Education category of the 2021 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards based on its impressive nomination around this solution. Jordan and his team are identifying more opportunities for process automation across the organization, including leveraging Nintex RPA.

Read the case study to learn more about how Busy Bees Asia is leveraging the Nintex Process Platform to automate its user provisioning processes.



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