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Document Generation, Process Automation, Workflow and Content Automation

Key Differences Between Digital Forms, Document Generation and Content Automation

July 27, 2017, Author: Ryan O'Leary

No company today exists as one piece. A company of any size works by combining smaller pieces, tasks or processes to achieve a common goal. In most cases, employees of larger companies don’t understand what every piece does or how smaller pieces fit together to create a cohesive solution. Digital […]

Best Practices, Process Automation, Workflow and Content Automation

Improving Customer Experience by Adding Electronic Signatures to Your Workflow

July 25, 2017, Author: Euan Gamble

Organizations of all sizes are transforming their business across a range of everyday processes. For example, the processes requiring traditional paper contracts and legal documents are being digitized with the advancement of the electronic signature (check out the difference between the electronic and digital signatures here). The adoption of this […]

Process Automation, VIP

Get to Know a VIP: Sales Discount Approval Process

July 21, 2017, Author: Phil Luong

Our Very Important Process (VIP) series has been exploring how essential organizational procedures—such as the sales discount approval process—can be made more effective and efficient. VIPs are all those essential processes which your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. The sales discount approval process is among the most […]

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Introducing New Identity Management Service for Use Across Cloud-Based Nintex Technologies

July 20, 2017, Author: David Fitzpatrick

Nintex and Identity Management At Nintex, we are always looking at how we can improve the experience and productivity of our customers and partners. With this in mind, we are working on a new identity management service that helps you manage authentication, authorization, roles, and privileges for your organization across […]

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Three Common Risks to Healthcare Compliance

July 20, 2017, Author: Galen Rodgers

From Internet-connected heart monitors to video-enabled consultations and vast internal data repositories, the rapid penetration of digital technology into the healthcare sector has radically altered how healthcare professionals work with patient data. As positive as this is, one drawback is that many healthcare organizations and medical professionals are uncertain about […]