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Did You Know: Nintex Workflow Cloud & SharePoint Online – Better Together, Part 2

July 29, 2017, Author: Chris Ellis

In part 1 of this series, we explored the new Nintex SharePoint Connectors for our Domestic Animal Registration example and successfully published a Public Web Form and added our responses to SharePoint Online which triggered an internal review and approval process. Part 2 is all about our backend process to save our […]

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Key Differences Between Digital Forms, Document Generation and Content Automation

July 27, 2017, Author: Ryan O'Leary

No company today exists as one piece. A company of any size works by combining smaller pieces, tasks or processes to achieve a common goal. In most cases, employees of larger companies don’t understand what every piece does or how smaller pieces fit together to create a cohesive solution. Digital […]

Did You Know, Product

Did You Know: Go From Zero To Insight Hero In Less Than 5 Minutes!

July 26, 2017, Author: Lachlan Ainley

Are you new to Nintex Hawkeye and looking for quick insight out of the box? Created your first Usage Lens dashboard and now want to do more? Well, you’re in luck! In this post, I’ll cover how you can take the next step and spin up a basic Process Intelligence […]

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Improving Customer Experience by Adding Electronic Signatures to Your Workflow

July 25, 2017, Author: Euan Gamble

Organizations of all sizes are transforming their business across a range of everyday processes. For example, the processes requiring traditional paper contracts and legal documents are being digitized with the advancement of the electronic signature (check out the difference between the electronic and digital signatures here). The adoption of this […]

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What’s New: Tee Up Your Work – Scheduled Workflows Are Available for Office 365

July 23, 2017, Author: Brad Orluk

While you may not have been glued to coverage of the recent pro golf tourney (or like me, simply looking for some sunshine to book a tee team at the local links), you may have some processes that you have automated with Nintex Workflow for Office 365 and found out that there was no good […]