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Generate precise and accurate documents for sophisticated business functions like sales proposals, contracts or work orders with Nintex DocGen®. Pull data from multiple sources. Output data to a variety of endpoints. And know, above all, your document data is secure and compliant throughout the process.

document generation - DocGen screenshot

Automate document creation with clicks


Turn your documents into data-driven processes.


Benefit from an easy-to-use and familiar user experience directly within Salesforce, Nintex Workflow Cloud, and Office 365.


Create compliant, consistent, and up-to-date documents.

Create logic-driven documents

Business logic tailors each document’s path — from creation to dispatch to archiving — ensuring the right individuals see the right documents, at the right time. Turn business documents into automated, data-driven processes and transform your workplace’s use of time.

document generation - create logic-driven documents

Import hi-res graphics and images

DocGen allows you to easily capture multiple dynamic, high-resolution images and seamlessly embed them into documents or forms. Employees can digitally record and upload crisp images, insert custom-designed graphics or icons, and group visual elements with relevant details.

Keep documents moving, even offline

Execute DocGen tasks when you don’t have internet access, knowing everything you worked on offline will deploy the moment you’re logged back on. Your enterprise has the power to generate documents wherever your employees may be—at a site, on the road, in the field, in the air. With Nintex, being off the grid doesn’t mean waiting to deliver or being on hold.

FedRAMP compliant

Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce is available as a FedRAMP SaaS compliant cloud service through Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud. Government agencies can digitize, automate, and standardize all of their document generation processes by adding Drawloop DocGen to their Salesforce deployment, and be assured that the solution is FedRAMP authorized.

DocGen® in action

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