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Online Fashion Retailer Speeds Approvals by 90% with Nintex Workflow

Ekaterina Sumerkina, Head of Legal at KupiVip, knew that her department's approval process was broken. It was taking way too long to shepherd documentation through to signoff, and she was seeing more and more files piling up as they waited to get processed. "At the rate we were going, it might have taken months for us to get through the backlog," she says. "We really needed to find a new way to do things."

KupiVip is an online fashion retailer based in Moscow, Russia. Modeled as a members-only shopping club, KupiVip was founded in 2008, and sells fashions and accessories from designers such as Prada, Gucci, and Giorgio Armani.

KupiVip offers up to 20 "flash sales" of designer brand excess inventory every day, featuring discounts of up to 70% off retail prices. The company currently has nearly 10 million registered users, and in response to its rapid growth, KupiVip is working to expand its infrastructure to scale its warehousing and delivery operations.

Document Backlog Held Back Approvals

KupiVip's three-person Legal Department is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance, resolving corporate legal issues, contract development and approval, organization of the legal workflow, and providing legal support for departments across the company. The team measures its success in part by the number of agreements it is able to get reviewed and approved, and how quickly it can get those approvals through the pipeline.

Sumerkina was finding that the approval process for its documentation had become challenging. "With a large backlog of files, there was no process in place to streamline approvals," she says. "We found that we were spending more time than we would have liked to move documents through the system." In addition, there was no defined archive in which to store and track documents as they moved amongst the stakeholders.

KupiVip Legal needed a more efficient process to help with the speed and quality of its processed documents, and a secure way to organize and store files that were in the approval process. That's when the company's technology partner, LANIT, suggested Nintex.

Nintex Workflow Streamlines Processes

Working with LANIT, Russia's largest system integrator, KupiVip implemented an automation solution based upon Nintex Workflow. Nintex Workflow is a powerful, easy-to-use workflow designer that improves business processes, and delivers a rapid return on investment.

Nintex Workflow empowers users with easy-yet-powerful tools, and lets users monitor, manage, and reuse workflows everywhere. With Nintex Workflow, users can model and improve processes, regardless of their complexity. It integrates seamlessly with other systems, tools, and services, and boosts and extends SharePoint functionality.

Automation Removes Bottlenecks and Restores Order

According to Sumerkina, Nintex has made a big impact on her department. "Using Nintex Workflow we can now make changes to processes quickly and easily - it doesn't require any knowledge of programming!" she says. "Everything just moves so much faster; it's wonderful."

It's also easier for users to maintain a centralized archive where documents can quickly be located and accessed throughout the approval process. "This has made such a difference for us in the Legal Department that the company is planning to extend Nintex Workflow to other core business processes within the company," says Sumerkina.

Using Nintex Workflow, we can now make changes to processes quickly and easily - it doesn’t require any knowledge of programming.

Ekaterina Sumerkina
Head of Legal

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Business Situation
KupiVip was searching for a way to expedite the approval process for its legal documentation, and find an efficient way to store and access files while they were moving through the approval process.
Nintex Workflow enabled KupiVip’s Legal Department to design workflows that resulted in faster approval, and document archives that enable managers to access and monitor files as they move through approval.
  • 90% faster document approval
  • Better document archiving
  • Easy workflow design

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