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Nintex Modern Forms

With Modern Forms, customizable forms are a drag-and-drop away from publication. Create branded forms or use prebuilt themes for an instant professional shine. Your forms are your canvas. What will you create?

Your form. Your way. Your environment.


Leverage business rules and advanced logic to increase process automation sophistication without complexity


Immediately utilize form data to activate and automate your business processes


Capture critical data across an organization from anywhere on any device using a customized form

Responsive out of the box

It’s easy to create, edit, and deploy in any environment, across any form factor, with a clean, responsive design and consistent user experience.

Customize based on rules

With the powerful business rules of Modern Forms, you can customize the form experience to make sure the correct data is captured.

Work online or offline

Coupled with a mobile device, Modern Forms interacts with any platform, letting you access forms while offline, and caching information until you’re reconnected. Take a picture and upload it. Use push notifications, geolocation, and even QR codes.

Every environment. One platform.

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