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Managing risk in a fast-moving world

‘In the last 12 months, AI has become part of our everyday conversations. Large language models like ChatGPT and AI image generator tools like Stable Diffusion are now accessible by almost anyone and have proven to be immensely powerful platforms for numerous tasks.

‘These technologies are not without their drawbacks. In May 2023  Forbes reported that Samsung has forbidden its teams from using these AI services after it was discovered that the code they were asking the tool to optimize was being stored in the tool’s servers and theoretically could be shared with other users as part of their solutions.

‘KPMG, in their examination of the risks of generative AI, reports that Amazon has a similar ban on staff putting proprietary code into the model for fear that it will be used in training the tool, and then be served up to other users.’

While it cannot be denied that generative AI is changing the way businesses – and people – operate, its impact is still largely unknown. What we do know is that risks change and grow quickly, demanding a smart, speedy response.

Here is Thomas Kohlenbach’s advice on how to identify and mitigate risk, in PEX Network.

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