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A better path from quote to insured

The speed and accuracy of the underwriting process is core to an insurer’s success. Ensure that the right policy and price are secured in a way that’s easy for a prospective customer to follow.

Lack of transparency can risk losing a customer

As insurance customers have more choices, creating a great experience is crucial to winning their business. This can be hard to do when a sophisticated underwriting and background check process is happening where the customer can’t see it.

Taking care of the front end experience

With Nintex Advanced Workflow, Modern Forms and DocGen™ the moment an insurance application is submitted the underwriting process begins. The applicant is informed every step along the way, from review to approval to signature and into onboarding. Simultaneously, the policy is automatically created, risk-assessed, reviewed, and updated into records.

The benefits


Eliminate paperwork and manual processing of client documents.

Saves time

Streamline the onboarding process to get rid of repetitive tasks and constant check-ins.

Consistent and accurate

Capture necessary information every time so nothing important is missed.

Ready to make the leap?