Order-to-cash process

A smarter, automated order-to-cash process

Streamlining orders all the way to fulfillment

Many businesses deal with so many incoming sales orders that their personnel are overwhelmed. Manually processing them all, received in so many formats, requires much time and effort and creates bottlenecks. But with Nintex, you can now automate the order-to-cash process for greater speed and accuracy, cutting the workload for staff dramatically.


Faster fulfillment
With a streamlined and accelerated order-to-cash process flow, customers get their goods faster and you’re paid sooner.
Fewer mistakes
Automating your previously manual order-to-cash processes reduces human error in your orders and payment amounts.
Digital paper trail
Auditing and balancing the books is much simpler with automated processes that create a digital paper trail.

Process any kind of order with a bot

Whether you receive a sales order as a paper document, email attachment, or a spreadsheet, sophisticated RPA bots will read the information using optical character recognition (OCR) and transfer it to your systems. And it does this quickly, with no typos or omissions.

Automate the order-to-cash process from end to end

Leads complete simple digital forms which are automatically routed to salespeople to manage the opportunity. Proposal documents are autogenerated and routed to relevant personnel, who are prompted to finalize details, confirm the order, e-sign and execute the contract. Finally, the invoice is automatically generated and sent, and payment processed. It’s all expedited quickly, easily, and with minimal attention needed from your busy staff.

Connect to SAP and Salesforce

Nintex integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, including Salesforce and SAP, so there’s no time wasted moving data between them. Information and orders flow smoothly with minimal effort from sales reps and others, so they can focus less on admin and devote their skills and attention elsewhere.

A Nintex solution for every industry

No matter your industry or business role, the Nintex Platform gives your team the tools - and time - to get your best work done.

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