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Automate the discount approval process

How often do you sell at full list price? Agreeing on a price can make or break a sale. In their enthusiasm to cross the finish line, sellers may try to offer discounts lower than company guidelines allow. By automating the discount approval process, you insert checks and balances that ensure your sales reps generate quotes with consistent, accurate pricing that adheres to your discounting guidelines.

Don’t leave money on the table

Inconsistent, manual processes for sales-discount approvals lead to lost time, missed opportunities, and reduced productivity. Incorrect and inconsistent discounts can be disastrous to the bottom line.

Automation kicks off processes, sends notifications, and integrates with your CRM system

Automatically trigger approval workflows when an opportunity record in the CRM system is updated with a discount. Set approval limits by authorized users, saving time for approvers. Set alerts to make sure reviewers and sales managers don’t miss approval requests. Use process intelligence to identify bottlenecks in the approval process.

The benefits

Ensure discount guidelines are followed

Keep an audit trail of discounts to ensure that the guidelines are appropriately followed.

Improve productivity

Sales people get answers faster without ‘going overboard’ on discounts or unnecessary restrictions.

Enhance client relationships

Most customers feel like they’re getting a deal and may agree to pay their invoice faster for a reduction in price.

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