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Government action when it’s needed most

Incident response is one of the most important—and challenging—actions of government. From fixing a pothole to providing emergency federal disaster relief, incident response can mean the difference between safety and catastrophe.

Cross-agency coordination is vital

Most incident response processes involve organizing multiple departments and agencies across different and sometimes incompatible systems. This, combined with resource constraints, can cause delays where a swift response is required.

Mobilizing government to act quickly

With Nintex Advanced Workflow, Modern Forms, and Machine Intelligence connectors, an incident can be geo-tagged and reported to the correct agency contacts all at once. Response teams can be dispatched quickly and on-site teams provide immediate visibility to incident progress and resolution.

The benefits


When incidents can be reported from anywhere, response happens faster.


Rather than linear notification, all appropriate people are notified in unison, avoiding missed connections.


With everyone from dispatch to response connected, everyone has visibility through resolution.

Ready to make the leap?