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Discount approvals

Deliver the "right price" for the customer and your business, every time with automation

Automate your discount approval process

Agreeing on a price can make or break a sale. To close a deal, your salespeople may try to offer discounts lower than company guidelines allow. How long does it take to approve the new price? How many people are involved? Could that extra time jeopardize the deal? Automating the discount approval process adds checks and balances that ensure sales reps generate quotes with consistent, accurate pricing that adheres to your discounting guidelines without slowing down sales.

Ensure discount guideline compliance
Keep an audit trail of discounts to ensure that the guidelines are appropriately followed.
Keep your sellers selling
Salespeople get answers faster, avoiding unnecessary restrictions and preventing excessive discounts.
Incentivized customers pay quicker
When customers feel like they’re getting a good deal, such as a reduction in price, they are more likely to pay their invoice faster.
Don’t slow down your sales

Inconsistent, manual processes for sales-discount approvals lead to lost time, missed opportunities, and reduced productivity. Incorrect and inconsistent discounts can be disastrous to the bottom line. But when you map and automate your processes with Nintex, discount approvals become fast, simple, and seamless.

From discount proposal to decision with no holdups

Streamline your discount approvals, enable stakeholders to play their part and benefit from faster decisions using rules-based automation. For example, if a proposed discount is over a predefined price, it’s automatically routed for review by a manager. If it’s under this threshold, the discount is automatically approved and posted to your CRM so the customer can be notified.

Picture of algorithms for discount approvals
Automation kicks off processes, sends notifications, and integrates with your CRM system

Automatically trigger approval workflows when an opportunity recorded in the CRM system is updated with a discount. Set approval limits by authorized users, saving time for approvers. Set alerts to make sure reviewers and sales managers don’t miss approval requests. Use process mapping to visualize your workflow and identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the approval process.

An automation solution for every industry

No matter your industry or business role, the Nintex Process Platform gives your team the tools - and time - to get your best work done.

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