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Improve accounts receivable collections

Managing accounts that don’t pay on time is one of the most important tasks a company has. Uncollected bills directly hit the bottom line and impact cash flow.

Manage accounts that are past due

Following up on unpaid accounts is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Late payments impact DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and your cash flow, limiting your spending power.

An automated accounts receivable solution

Better manage collections with automated processes that connect to your accounting system. Generate a list of past due accounts at the end of every month and assign a client value. Auto-generate and send collection letters to save time and reduce errors.

The benefits

Expedite payments

Companies with automated processes get paid faster than companies who use manual systems.

Improve cash forecasting

Track expected payments to improve your cash forecast for more accurate cash flow management.

Reduce bad debt write-offs

Reduce bad debt from 15-to-25% by identifying and resolving disputes, preventing them from becoming uncollectable.

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