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Share your process passion at Nintex ProcessFest® 2022

Submit a brief 30 second video

At Nintex, we are passionate about improving the way people work with process management and automation software. Are you passionate too? If yes, we want to hear from you.

Share with us how Nintex has helped you transform work by submitting a short video clip or image. Have you built the world’s most incredible workflow? Did you eliminate paper from your workplace? Have you mapped critical business processes? Have you automated mundane tasks? Have you improved customer and employee experiences?

Simply submit a brief video clip (~30 seconds or less) or JPEG image using the Box upload below. Please update the file name using the naming conventions: “FirstName City Country”. We’ll share submissions on our social channels and feature the best videos at Nintex ProcessFest® 2022.

Not sure where to start? Watch our example clip featuring Nintex’s own Elise Harrington!

Tips for recording and submitting your video:

  • Before submitting your video file, please update the file name using the following naming conventions: FirstName City Country
  • Example: “Patrick Seattle USA.mp4”
  • Please shoot your video with your phone, or camera in a horizontal position for optimal viewing. OR if you’d prefer to use Teams or Zoom, you can also record from your computer
  • Be sure to clean your lens – using the back lens if you are using your phone.
  • Avoid backlighting. Have your primary light source in front of you or to the side.
  • Use both hands or a tri-pod to steady your video (if using your phone). If possible, have someone else hold your phone when recording
  • If recording a testimonial, please look directly at the camera and try to avoid recording somewhere with a lot of background noise.
  • Speak up so we can clearly hear what you’re saying. Keep the distance between you and your recording device microphone no more than 3 feet/1 meter to record optimal sound
  • When recording comments, it helps to have extra video (:02-:05) at the beginning and end.

Upload your video here: