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Twinings brews data governance, supplier portal with Nintex K2 Cloud

Low-code solution puts app development in hands of business users

Twinings used a traditional IT system for Master Data Governance and found it increasingly out of step with the company’s burgeoning needs. The system was time consuming and fragmented, with an overreliance on emails and spreadsheets that made it difficult to sustain a single version of truth, let alone conduct audits.

The company wanted to overcome these limitations—and more. It wanted to both streamline and expand its solution with automated workflow, digital forms, and integration into its SAP ERP software. It wanted a low-cost and low-code solution that Twinings business users could easily use on their own, giving them more agility than they could get from software that had to be managed via IT staff.

After an exhaustive, 18-month RFP process, Twinings chose Nintex K2 Cloud.

Food & Beverage
Capabilities Used
Automation On-Prem

Who they are

Twinings, headquartered in London, is a pioneer of the tea trade. Its history in providing exceptional tea makes it the number one choice for out-of-home tea.

What they needed

As Twinings’ global business continues to grow, the company needed a master data governance system and supplier portal to support it.

How they did it

Twinings is leveraging Nintex K2 to create a master data governance system and to create a supplier portal that speeds interactions between its buyers and external suppliers.

A low-code blend

Before records are created or modified in SAP, the Nintex K2 Cloud workflow uses business and technical embedded rules to ensure the data is consistent and accurate.

The Master Data Governance suite at Twinings includes 20 applications. To develop them, the company sought both outside help and a clear path for knowledge transfer. Twinings contracted with Nintex Professional Services to build the first two applications. Noyes and a colleague observed and participated in this process, then worked together with the professional services team to jointly build the next two applications. With that experience under their collective belt, they developed the remaining 16 applications themselves.

After achieving success with the Master Data Governance solution, Twinings used Nintex K2 Cloud to replace an offline mix of emails and spreadsheets that was slow to onboard vendors, impeded communication between suppliers and Twinings buying staff, and didn’t provide that staff with visibility into supply-chain status. The result was a Supplier Portal that provides an online, real-time way for suppliers and Twinings buyers to share information about purchase orders, shipment status, quality checks and more.

Twinings plans to expand its use of Nintex K2 Cloud to the non-tea side of its business, which manufactures the popular drink Ovaltine, and to gain economies of scale by managing data governance with common suppliers through a single Portal and master data governance model.

The migration fixed all the persistent problems and solved latency issues experienced by the group’s entities, especially in Asia. The BPM experts at CFPR are delighted with Nintex K2 Cloud—and they are planning to go even further.

With other tools, we’d have needed to come up with workarounds for things that Nintex K2 Cloud just did right out of the box.
– Richard Noyes, Master Data Governance Lead – Global ERP Implementation, Twinings
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