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Tararua District Council Standardizes Processes and Improves Accountability

Nintex Promapp® helps local government maintain compliance, increase autonomy and work efficiently.

Within the Tararua District Council, there was a gap between approved processes and staff implementation. This lack of clear processes and communication caused issues for new council members, resulting in expensive mistakes for councilors not properly briefed on protocol. In a compliance-focused local government, defined processes are necessary to ensure smooth delivery of community services while meeting all requirements.

Along with being unclear, the council’s processes were outdated. Updating them was time consuming and expensive, hurting staff engagement. To solve its communication issues, the Tararua District Council implemented Nintex Promapp®. The organization turned to the software to improve process mapping and increase efficiency, streamlining operations across the board.

Finding Success

increase in process mapping speed

reduced risk of non-compliance with changing regulations

saved costs due to increased accountability and fewer errors

Tararua District Council
Capabilities Used
Process Manager

Who they are

Tararua District Council is a local governing body overseeing and providing services to the Tararua District on the southeastern part of New Zealand’s North Island.

What they need

Standardized processes to reduce risk, improve accountability and increase efficiency.

How they did it

Introduced Nintex Promapp® across the council to streamline operations and processes.

Nintex Promapp® Improves Compliance and Enables Employee Autonomy

Compared to the council’s existing system, Nintex Promapp® mapped processes in a fraction of the time — making a positive impact immediately. With the new software, the council can create clear induction processes for new councilors, reducing the risk of new members not understanding protocol and in turn, costly mistakes.

Careful oversight and well-defined processes are critical components of local government. Nintex Promapp® assists with both of these aspects, increasing process visibility and allowing management to ensure people are following correct procedures. The technology also improves process knowledge, which increases accountability and the likelihood that tasks are done correctly the first time.

In addition, Nintex Promapp® helps the council respond quickly to legislation changes. Staff have more autonomy to change processes, saving time and costs. The easy-to-use process mapping solution increases staff buy-in by encouraging contributions to process improvement, and enabling employees to continually work on becoming more effective.

Nintex Promapp® also provides the Tararua District Council with a platform to develop best practices, granting them access to Nintex Promapp®’s Local Government Shared Process Library. The library contains more than 2,500 processes from other councils, promoting collaboration between the organizations.

Nintex Promapp® works because it shows the information in a simple way, compared to a complex flow chart that makes the brain switch off. We‘ve seen that in action, especially when staff are covering for those on leave.
Peter Wimsett Manager of Strategy and District Development, Tararua District Council
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