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Sonardyne standardizes and streamlines process with Nintex

Process mapping enables more efficient adherence to global compliance requirements

Where technology meets the depths of the ocean, Sonardyne lies at the forefront of underwater navigation, positioning, communication, imaging, and measurement. Sonardyne has a workforce of 300 – projected to grow to 400 in 2024 – spread across six global locations in the UK, USA, Brazil, and Singapore. The company prides itself on its customer-focused approach, commitment to sustainability, and unyielding dedication to driving business excellence and continuous improvement.

In an industry where activity is conducted underwater, precision and reliability are paramount. Their clientele spans a diverse portfolio across the oil and gas, renewables, and defense industries. These industries require cutting-edge underwater acoustic solutions including GPS, tsunami tracking, and sonar monitoring.

Capabilities Used
Process Manager

Who they are

Sonardyne is a family-owned business, founded in 1971, operating in six regional centers around the world, exporting to over 50 countries. Sonardyne specializes in acoustic, inertial, optical and sonar technologies and has over 300 employees committed to operating safely and ethically in our oceans.

What they need

Sonardyne operates in a heavy compliance-focused industry. As they grew, they faced the need for standardization and efficiency across their operations.

How they did it

Nintex Process Manager became the central hub for a more rationalized and effective approach to process mapping. Teams across Sonardyne now share best practices and have created a common approach across all operations.


Process standardization leads to efficiency

As they grew, Sonardyne faced the need for standardization and efficiency. Enter Nintex, a strategic partner that offered a transformative solution to the company’s pain points. The compliance-heavy nature of the industry, with ISO certifications for quality, energy, and health and safety, added layers of complexity to their operations. Nintex Process Manager became the central hub for a more rationalized and effective approach. The decision to move from an audit certification per office location to a single audit certification for all locations streamlined processes, while still allowing for local variations by region.

“We can standardize, while also making allowances for variations and regulatory compliance requirements by location, which has sped up our annual audit process,” said James Evans, Head of Quality, Sonardyne.

Process mapping leads to a change in thinking and improved outcomes

The company embraced the EFQM Model – a business excellence framework – and leverages Nintex to drive continuous improvement in the execution of business processes. Processes, once documented laboriously in Word and Visio, transitioned seamlessly into Nintex, freeing up valuable time for the team to focus on content and operational excellence.

Procurement processes, including mapping procedures for purchase orders, were revolutionized through electronic workflows. The journey, initiated in 2020, empowered business process owners to map their processes, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability. From stores to marketing, each department found a tailored solution, with an emphasis on facilitating, coaching, and managing the mapping process.

Embracing a new way to work

The real power of Nintex was its ability to prompt a paradigm shift in thinking. Mapping processes prompted individuals to question the status quo, leading to lightbulb moments and a re-evaluation of established norms. Sales teams experienced a shift in quoting procedures, and audit and compliance became more malleable, allowing for easy adaptations. The amount of time needed to train employees on how to document processes has dramatically reduced. The intuitive nature, ease of use, and approachable look and feel of Process Manager have allowed internal teams to focus more on content. Training videos have been recorded and embedded so employees can access them when and where they need them.

“As the company looks toward the future, the focus is on the improvement roadmap and refining the process management framework,” shared Evans, Head of Quality, Sonardyne, “Metrics surrounding process management and benchmarking against industry standards remain a priority.”

Sonardyne is now one of a group of six companies that form the Covelya Group, all of which complement each other in the field of marine technology. As these operating companies came together to improve performance across the group, it became evident that the potential to share best practices and lean operations could be better accomplished with all the operating companies using the same Nintex Process Management framework. This stage in development has commenced and offers some exciting prospects over the next couple of years.

The journey with Nintex has not only streamlined operations but has prompted a cultural shift within the company. The collaborative approach, shared practices, and the ease of adapting to new tools and techniques have positioned the organization as an industry leader, ready to navigate the ever-changing currents of the underwater technology landscape. The company’s story is not just one of technological innovation, but also a testament to the transformative power of effective process management in the deep blue realm they call home.

We can standardize, while also making allowances for variations and regulatory compliance requirements by location, which has sped up our annual audit process.
James Evans, Head of Quality, Sonardyne
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