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Ricoh Australia Simplifies Processes and Improves Communication

Using Nintex Promapp®, the global technology company streamlined operations and created consistent customer experiences

After acquisitions and expansion into new markets, Ricoh Australia had doubled in size, causing large changes in operations. A strong factor in the company’s success was its commitment to quality, which (along with compliance requirements) is overseen by an excellence group. This group relied on internally developed quality management software to manage processes. Unfortunately, the software couldn’t keep up with company growth.

The existing system was outdated, with information stored in several places and no clear-cut ownership of quality processes. With procedures, processes and forms scattered in different locations, Ricoh Australia found it difficult to maintain consistent operations. It turned to Nintex Promapp® as a solution for its process struggles.

Ricoh Australia
Capabilities Used
Process Manager

Who they are

Ricoh is a global technology company known for its range of office equipment and services, including printers, projectors, document management systems and IT services.

What they need

Streamlined processes with clear ownership, improved communication and a better approach to compliance management.

How they did it

Introduced Nintex Promapp® to simplify processes and improve internal communication.

Nintex Promapp® Leads to Better Communication and Consistent Customer Experiences

Ricoh Australia implemented Nintex Promapp® as a tool to enable content reviews, and open process information up to all employees. A major benefit of the software is that Ricoh Australia could nominate an expert within each procedure, removing doubt about process ownership and ensuring everyone knew who to approach for more information.

Now, users can follow the customer lifecycle, ensuring consistent customer experiences — regardless of who they work with. Nintex Promapp® also allows Ricoh Australia to centrally store information about customer requirements and procedures. The company shared this information with customers, who are able to provide feedback that is sent directly to the teams in charge of the procedure.

Ricoh Australia saw benefits almost immediately after implementing Nintex Promapp® company-wide, and plans to continue expanding its use within the company. Processes continue to improve based on feedback from users and customers, and staff are now on the same page with a single source of process knowledge to reference.

Nintex Promapp® has become the single source of knowledge within Ricoh, and the migration itself has given Ricoh’s teams an opportunity to update processes and structure them in a customer-centric manner.
Declan O’Reilly Business Excellence Manager, Ricoh Australia
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