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International manufacturer cuts its budget allocation process in half

Gebauer & Griller (GG Group) is a premier global manufacturer of cables, wires and cable harnesses. Its products are in most of today’s vehicles and many of the world’s elevators, transformers, motors and photovoltaic arrays.

With 4,500 employees across the globe, GG Group opened in 1940 as a family-run trading agency for raw materials and semi-finished products. It has since expanded its product lines and office locations into 13 different locations including the United States, Germany, India, China and Mexico.

With support from its local partner, Smartpoint IT Consulting, GG has propelled efficiency and profitability by streamlining and automating several of its key business functions with K2 Software.

GG Group
Capabilities Used
Application Development

Who they are

Gebauer & Griller is a premier global manufacturer of automotive, elevator and industrial technological solutions.

What they needed

GG Group relied on spreadsheets and paper forms to prepare budges and allocate resources – the company need a solution to removes across its business and save valuable time.

How they did it

Using K2 Software, GG Group transformed its financial approval process to allow for faster decisions and instant visibility into operations.

Faster budgeting, faster business decisions

Challenge: Wasting time chasing down project status

Like many organizations, GG Group often relied on spreadsheets and paper forms to prepare budgets and allocate resources. This siloed approach lacked visibility and forced managers to hold weekly status meetings to keep projects on track—further wasting valuable time.

Employees maintained various methods of project management, which gave a fragmented view of GG Group’s operations.

Solution: Instant visibility

K2 Software accelerated the financial approval process that drove up to 500 budget requests each year across the globe.

The company cut half the time off its investment requests process, enabling GG Group to save an enormous number of employee hours each year. They are more productive and spend far less time in status meetings, making phone calls, and sending emails.

Faster business decisions have given GG Group a competitive edge. It has allowed for more strategic funding allocation in critical areas such as production line maintenance and new projects and given leaders instant visibility into operations.


Our investment requests process is now 50% faster. We can now make faster business decisions and allocate funding more promptly.
Marcus Kasteiner, IT System and Network Management, GG Group
Reducing risk through process standardization

Challenge: Ensuring consistency across 4,500 employees, worldwide

Variant Development is GG Group’s key engineering process in the design and production of customized cables. Enhancements are necessary to keep pace with customer demand.

Previously, the company had depended heavily on individual employees and their personal knowledge of various processes.

The nature of Gebauer & Griller offerings—cables and wires in such consumer products as vehicles and elevator—requires immense compliance with safety protocols. Best practices and standardized procedures are fundamental.

Gebauer & Griller recognized the need to streamline this pivotal business process that had previously taken six to 12 months and required more than 100 employees across multiple locations. Additionally, they knew that employees had to pay attention to detail—and do that consistency throughout the design, production, delivery and maintenance operations.

Solution: Uniform processes mitigate risk and expand productivity

K2 Software enabled GG Group to fundamentally transform Variant Development by automating up to 60 individual process steps. Now, product variations are fully tested and ready for production on time.

With streamlined workflows built on Nintex K2 Five, all employees follow the same standardized processes. Inconsistencies and redundancies were removed, ensuring quality.

Additionally, workflows now manage themselves. Employees no longer need to think about what must happen next or update a status spreadsheet. Instead, the standardized processes free them up to be more efficient, reduce risk and ensure consistent product quality.

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