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Christchurch International Airport Improves Documentation and Standardizes Process Knowledge

Nintex Promapp® improves workflow standards and documentation at New Zealand’s second-largest airport

With separate systems for different areas of the business and operational inefficiencies slowing down processes, Christchurch International Airport Limited (CIAL) needed a way to document and improve processes. A new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system had to be implemented while CIAL maintained normal daily operations at New Zealand’s second-largest airport. CIAL was searching for a consistent approach to the ownership and accountability of process management within the organization.

Going into the project CIAL, set big goals including tighter business-wide integration, enhanced process visibility and reporting capability, and simplified business administration. To meet these expectations, CIAL turned to Nintex Promapp®.

Christchurch International Airport Limited
Capabilities Used
Process Manager

Who they are

CIAL is New Zealand’s second-largest airport, welcoming more than 5.7 million passengers per year.

What they need

A standardized approach to ownership and accountability of business process management, and a central source for process information.

How they did it

CIAL implemented Nintex Promapp® to aide the transition to a new ERP system, documenting processes and creating a central reference point.

Nintex Promapp® Smooths Transition to New ERP System

As CIAL transitioned to a new ERP system, Nintex Promapp® was used to define processes and identify gaps between current and future practices. During the initial key user training phase, CIAL used Nintex Promapp® to document processes, which were further developed in the key user testing phase. Once end-user training arrived, the processes in Nintex Promapp® were well-tested and accurately represented the new methods for performing tasks.

CIAL leveraged Nintex Promapp® to empower the organization with a centralized knowledge base that teams had ownership of, allowing for adjustments as necessary. The central repository of information assisted with change management, enabling staff to seamlessly transition to the new ERP system with consistent, standardized processes. Nintex Promapp® also streamlined communication, notifying staff members whenever processes were changed.

The end result was a knowledge base that is used across the organization, is continually refined, and will continue on even when the employees who were heavily involved in the ERP implementation have left.
Todd Cassie Manager of Knowledge and Information Technology, Christchurch International Airport Limited
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