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What’s New in SharePoint 2019?

In October 2018, Microsoft announced the general availability of SharePoint Server 2019. In the coming months, your organization will no doubt be weighing up whether to migrate from your current SharePoint iteration to the latest version.

Many businesses will understandably want to take a look at all the new features, and Nintex users will want to know how Nintex process automation can help them manage and optimize SharePoint workflows in SharePoint 2019.

We have you covered on both accounts. Below is a quick overview of the key SharePoint 2019 features and a quick look at some of the features in the new Nintex for SharePoint 2019.

A modern take on SharePoint

In the modern workplace, the cloud is central to business productivity. However, there are many enterprise organizations that still rely on on-premises technology for security and compliance. Although more and more businesses are using SharePoint Online in Office 365, SharePoint on-premises still has a big role to play.

In recent years, it looked as if Microsoft was fully focused on SharePoint Online, releasing updates and new functionality to improve the solution housed in Office 365. This wasn’t particularly surprising, as Satya Nadella has been very clear that Microsoft will be taking a ‘cloud-first’ approach from now on.

But with the release of SharePoint Server 2019, Microsoft is showing that it hasn’t forgotten those organizations that rely on SharePoint on-premises.

In fact, with SharePoint 2019 Microsoft is bringing a lot of the functionality developed for SharePoint Online and making it available to on-premises users. So, in many ways, SharePoint 2019 is a version of SharePoint for on-premises users that better meets the requirements of the modern workplace – it offers a modern user experience that facilitates flexible working and offers real-time communication.

What’s new? SharePoint 2019 features

With SharePoint 2019, Microsoft has delivered a modern and mobile take on the popular SharePoint platform, optimizing many of its previous features to work across modern browsers and devices. Let’s look at some of the most important SharePoint 2019 features.

  • Modern sites: 

A modern take on SharePoint sites, sites in SharePoint 2019 have been designed to be easier to use, more flexible, and more mobile. Modern sites makes it much easier for your employees to connect to the content and apps they need to get their jobs done efficiently, and to communicate and collaborate with each other.

  • Modern pages: 

Users can share content, work and ideas using video, images, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and more. Fast and easy to create, modern pages are powered with all the functionality you would expect from modern web parts.

  • Modern lists: 

Modern lists make it easier for users to create, curate, and interact with the information they need to get work done efficiently.

  • Modern libraries: 

Modern libraries make it easier for users to share files and collaborate. Faster and more intuitive, modern libraries have an updated user interface which provides a similar experience to the consumer-focused OneDrive.

  • Modern search: 

In addition to classic search, SharePoint 2019 offers a new search experience which provides search results for users as they type.

  • SharePoint Mobile: 

SharePoint 2019 makes it much easier for users to access and make use of their organization’s intranet on mobile devices while away from the office.

Nintex for SharePoint 2019

So, what does this mean for Nintex users or organizations looking to invest in the Nintex Platform?

Since Microsoft announced general availability for SharePoint 2019, we have been hard at work updating the Nintex Platform so our users can take full advantage of automation in SharePoint 2019. Nintex for SharePoint 2019 has been developed to accommodate for the new SharePoint 2019 features, so that you can continue automating SharePoint workflows.

Here’s a quick list of some the new features you can expect, including:

  • A new workflow gallery page:

With Nintex for SharePoint 2019, you can build, view, and manage workflows quickly and easily on one page.

  • Content database warning:

Now, if your database is running close to the threshold you have set, you will be alerted before you hit capacity, allowing you to react in time.

  • Purge workflow data improvements:

Nintex and SharePoint 2019 users will now be able to purge an infinite amount of workflow data without any problems.


To find out more about the most important SharePoint 2019 features and how you can use the Nintex platform to manage, automate, and optimize your most important SharePoint workflows, get in touch with the Nintex team today.


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