Q&A with Nintex Enablement Pro Sean Fiene

Sean Fiene, senior technical marketing manager, is part of our enablement team at Nintex. He focuses on creating valuable materials that help our customers and partners learn to use our technology and sharpen their process automation skills.

We caught up with Sean to shed some light on his most recent projects helping to enhance our training resources.

1.  Can you describe your role here at Nintex?

 As Technical Enablement Manager, I provide technical content for our users and employees.  While our team’s focus is on building the technical materials for our Nintex Learning Central and the How-To video series, I also work with our product and support teams, customers, and partners to ensure we are creating the right content for the appropriate audiences.

2.  You both have been working on projects that enable our users to enhance their skills using the Nintex Platform. Can you describe what those projects are?

The Nintex Learning Center allows users to gain a holistic understanding of the Nintex Process Platform. We’re also creating a ‘How-To’ video series – short clips that take a more granular approach to training and allow users to gain a better understanding of specific features or functions within the platform.

We’ve also created module-based courses in the Learning Center. Each module is comprehensive by itself, so a Nintex user can walk away with something practical and useful. But each course also contributes to a bigger picture, such as obtaining a certification or the completion of a series of requirements.

Ultimately, we want to enable our audiences to meet their goals using Nintex. The courses help our partners sell and position the Nintex Platform more effectively; they help customers troubleshoot their work easier; and they even allow our internal staff to help customers use the product better.

 3.  What is your goal in creating the How-To video series?

Our goal is to create a series of short, easily digestible videos that allow users to quickly access and understand features and functions of the Nintex Platform. We want our users to discover new and exciting ways to further implement Nintex in their current or future business processes.

4. What do the videos cover? Do they include training for Nintex in SharePoint, Office 365, and Nintex Workflow Cloud?

That is correct! When covering certain topics, we want to make sure we show you how to achieve the best results possible, regardless of where you may be using Nintex. Instead of simply saying, “click this, click that,” we make sure to emphasize why you would want to use a particular feature or function, and how best to incorporate these capabilities into business solutions.

5.  What is the goal of the Nintex Learning Central?

The Learning Central is more of a holistic training environment where users get training from the ground up, from learning the basics of workflow automation, to producing an entire end-to-end business solution within our platform.

The learning content is geared toward different levels of users, as well as different types of user roles. The courses that are aimed at salespeople and different than those geared toward an IT pro or more technical role.

nintex learning central

6.  Learning Central isn’t a new resource for our users, but recently you’ve started updating the courses. Why is that? What is new? 

Over the past few years, Learning Central has gone through several iterations to help improve the platform and user experience when navigating through the resource. Now, we’re really focusing our efforts on updating the training content itself to match and exceed expectations of our users and allow them to walk away with the ability to create their own solutions from beginning to end.

7.  Why do you think is it important for Nintex, as a company, to focus our efforts on customer training and enablement?

As our capabilities expand and we integrate more with external features, our products are becoming more sophisticated to support our Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform. So, to allow new and current users to understand and utilize these new features, we need to ramp up our efforts in training and provide as many resources for enablement as possible.

Many times when users deploy Nintex, they do so with a single project in mind, which usually limits the scope of capabilities they utilize within the Nintex Platform. But when they start learning more about the platform, they see how they can integrate Nintex in multiple solutions across their business and unlock the true power of Nintex.

8.  What are your future plans for these training resources in the future? What can users expect to see from your team this fiscal year?

Users can expect to see more ‘Advanced’ level content released in both our How-To video series and on Nintex Learning Central. We believe that once a user has gained a basic understanding of the Nintex Platform, they’ll be able to ramp up their knowledge quickly and easily to build more complex solutions.

For the Learning Central specifically, we’re aiming to expand the assignment-based training format in our courses. We’ve found that when people are able to create more projects with the skills they learn in the portal, they can walk away with the practical skills that help them to build their own solutions and automate more processes.

If any partners, customers, or users have feedback or suggestions for training modules and lessons they’d like to see on the Nintex Learning Center or in our training video series, please contact us directly at enablement@nintex.com.


Go ahead, start sharpening your Nintex skills in Learning Central, or watch some ‘How-To’ videos to learn the ins and outs of specific features in the platform.

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