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Nintex Workflow Cloud® Moves into General Availability

This is an exciting time for Nintex. On Nov. 22, Nintex Workflow Cloud moved into general availability. Many of you know by now that NWC is our new, cloud-first workflow platform; it represents everything we’ve learned here at Nintex over the last decade.

I’ve actually been in the process automation sector longer than that. I’m continuously amazed at how fast the world is changing, especially for enterprise organizations. Back in the day, if you had the resources to invest huge amounts of fixed costs in assets like servers, custom systems and the like, you essentially created barriers to entry that were hard for upstarts to overcome. So, you were somewhat protected.

The cloud has changed all that. Today, you can build and maintain a viable business using best-of-breed software applications – without substantial upfront investment. As a result, traditional enterprises fell victim, and many perished, because the fixed costs that used to protect them started preventing their nimbleness.

Those traditional enterprises weren’t as agile. Those enterprises that survived and continue thriving understood that agility means continuously optimizing their business processes. Not only did they have to optimize processes, they have to do it in a world where the software they need use to effectively do their jobs, is proliferating at a rapid pace.

Watch this space for details on our live webcast “New Year’s Resolution: Make Work Less Work with Nintex Workflow Cloud.” During the webcast – scheduled for 8 a.m. PT on Jan. 18 – Nintex CEO John Burton and I will show you how NWC helps transform slow, error-prone processes into automated solutions.

Why Did We Build Nintex Worklfow Cloud

I saw this dynamic take shape firsthand. That’s why our product and engineering teams have been working tirelessly, in multiple parts of the world, building NWC.

We built Nintex Workflow Cloud so people don’t have to worry about the minutia of intelligently merging their existing applications and systems – on-premises or in the cloud.

We built it to provide powerful technology that transforms how work gets done.

We built it to make it easier for people to do their jobs.

We built it so Nintex can empower even more users, developers and IT professionals to automate business processes fast and easy.

What gets me excited the most is that general availability is only the beginning. We will continuously pour more innovation into NWC over time. I look forward to sharing some of that innovation with you during our Jan. 18 live webcast “New Year’s Resolution: Make Work Less Work with Nintex Workflow Cloud.”

Our ultimate goal is to make sure we keep delivering on the Nintex promise of making people more productive by freeing up time for them to work on things that matter most.

Nintex Workflow Cloud Resources

Many Ninsters, including our technical evangelists, have been hard at work developing content to showcase the promise of NWC. You may have read one of their posts on the Nintex Blog or on Nintex Connect, our community site. But in case you missed anything, you’ll find a roundup of useful resources below.

  • Nintex Workflow Cloud webpage – Visit this webpage for information on the benefits of our cloud platform as well as several useful resources, including a fact sheet, a feature sheet and solution scenarios.
  • Nintex Workflow Cloud section on Nintex Connect – Our community site now features a section for all things Nintex Workflow Cloud. You’ll find release notes, how-to videos like the “How to Start a CRM Workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud” video and blog posts about Nintex Workflow Cloud features, such as External Start.
  • Nintex Blog post “You, Zoe and Nintex Workflow Cloud” – Perspectives from Nintex Director of Product Manager Zoe Clelland on the importance of the user experience in developing our new cloud platform. “I can’t say enough about the ease-of-use trialing, design and optimization that’s going into the NWC designer and our portal,” she says. “It can’t be oversold.”
  • Nintex Blog post “Why’d We Build Nintex Workflow Cloud?” – Great insights from Nintex Vice President of Workflow Technology Mike “Fitz” Fitzmaurice. He includes feedback we received about our new platform at Microsoft Ignite and Dreamforce earlier this year, including this: “That our workflow design experience is easy, easier than what’s in the box, is something we’re used to hearing from SharePoint users, but Salesforce users are saying it, too.”
  • Nintex Blog post “What’s Nintex Workflow Cloud Mean for SharePoint Users?” – Fitz explores what Nintex Workflow Cloud means for our SharePoint Server and Office 365 products. “Nintex no longer requires an up-front investment,” he writes. “You subscribe to it, and the fee is based on the number of workflows you create. You can run those workflows across any Nintex platform depending on best fit. There’s no barrier to entry with Nintex Workflow Cloud.”

Sign up for your free trial and don’t forget to register for our Jan. 18 live webcast “New Year’s Resolution: Make Work Less Work with Nintex Workflow Cloud.”

Thanks for joining us on the journey! Check out this video for an introduction to Nintex Workflow Cloud.

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