Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery Q&A with Sean Fiene

We sat down with Nintex Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Sean Fiene, to better understand the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery, from ideation to today. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the most popular and useful templates that are helping Nintex customers and partners achieve process excellence and fast results with the Nintex Process Platform. 

  1. What is your involvement in the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery?

The Technical Marketing team – comprised of Technical Product Marketing Director, Dan Stoll, Technical Marketing Manager, Chad Austin, and myself – built the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery with our Nintex customers and partners in mind.

My role, as the lead developer of the Gallery, is to make sure that it is intuitive, well integrated into the Nintex Process Platform and provides high quality and inspirational content to our community members who rely on our software solutions to improve the way people work.

Our team ensures the Gallery is built to be flexible enough that we can improve features and content at a rapid pace and continue to bring new innovations every month.

  1. Can you share the intention of creating the gallery? What was the goal?

Nintex offers several sources for platform information and product enablement, such as Nintex Connect and Nintex University. These sources allow Nintex Community members to quickly learn how to use all the capabilities of our platform and become well-versed in building great processes and automated workflows, digital forms, RPA bots, and more.

To continue our commitment to customer success, the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery was built from the ground up for our community members to gain a better understanding of the full capabilities of Nintex with a central location for high-quality pre-built processes, workflows, and botflows™, that we refer to as templates.

  1. How many templates are available in the Gallery? What are some of the most downloaded templates (and most useful)?

Currently, the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery consists of 200+ templates across all Nintex capabilities. The gallery has a broad array of templates but it is clear that Employee Onboarding has become a key area of focus for our users.

Here are just some of the top templates that have been leveraged by our community members in the past few months:

Nintex Workflow Cloud

Nintex Promapp®

Connectors & Tools

Interestingly, the process map for New Employee Onboarding is the highest downloaded Nintex Promapp template, currently at 726 downloads. The Nintex Workflow Cloud template for Employee Onboarding currently sits at 344 downloads.

Runner up in most popular workflow templates – at 160 downloads – is a Wait for File (RPA) template that showcases the capabilities and breadth of integration on the Nintex Process Platform by triggering a Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow based on a file being served by Nintex RPA.

Top templates by Nintex platform capability

  1. Workflow

Aside from employee onboarding, another top Nintex Workflow template is the Work from Home Agreement workflow.

The Work from Home Agreement template was designed to help organizations provide an easy way for managers and employees to establish a work from home agreement that meets their policy requirements.

To further enable the remote workforce, the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery also provides a Microsoft Teams Group Request Governance workflow that helps mitigate the spread of Microsoft Teams across organizations.

The Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery also provides a fast way to import these Nintex Workflow Cloud templates into your tenant directly from the Gallery.

  1. Botflow™

Robotic process automation like Nintex RPA is an extremely powerful tool and the templates provided in the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery are prime examples of how RPA can be used to excel business process.

Looping through large volumes of data in Excel is time-consuming as a manual operation, and the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery has a Loop Excel Example where automation experts can use this to automate their manual Excel-based looping tasks.

  1. Connectors

Nintex Workflow Cloud provides plenty of workflow actions allowing workflow developers to build robust workflows and integrate with various third-party systems via web service calls.

If workflow developers wish to build their own services or develop actions that use third-party services and want them to appear as native actions within Nintex Workflow Cloud, custom Nintex Connectors can be built.

Examples of custom connectors exist on the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery including LinkedIn, Azure AD Groups, OpenWeather, SmartSheet, and Slack.

One of the top downloaded custom connectors is a custom service built using Microsoft Azure Functions.

I built the Azure Function to provide users a way to format date values and return the formatted value back to the workflow. The Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery contains the OpenAPI definition of the Azure Function to be imported into Nintex Workflow Cloud using the Xtensions® framework.

  1. What does the future look like for the Gallery? Can you share any updates or roadmap for upcoming innovations?

The Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery will have several improvements incorporated such as search functionality, improved filtering, a most recent and template highlight section as well as continued product integration for easier import.

The Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery will also focus heavily on increasing custom connectors and bring a wider variety of connectors to our Nintex Community members.

Customers play a vital role in what templates we should introduce to the gallery next, and each section of the gallery has an ‘Add Suggestion’ card for feedback. That feedback helps guide the next features and templates that will be incorporated into the gallery.



If you have not taken advantage of the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery yet, explore the capabilities or request a demo.



Annie McIntosh

As a member of the Nintex Corporate Marketing team, Annie McIntosh spends her time creating content and delivering great experiences for Nintex customers and partners.

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