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Get and Store files on SharePoint Online Using Nintex Workflow Cloud®

We have a new connector that enables interaction between Nintex Workflow Cloud and SharePoint Online (part of Nintex Workflow for Office 365). You can now use Nintex Workflow Cloud to create a publicly available form, then log all the information in a list in SharePoint Online. Also, you can run a Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow using the data on SharePoint Online, which adds more option to your workflow arsenal.

Previously, you didn’t have the ability to store files or attachments from Nintex Workflow Cloud into SharePoint Online. That’s history – with the latest update of the connector, you can collect files from different sources, like Box, and add a new item in SharePoint and attach that file to the SharePoint items. You can not only attach files to an item, you also can add files to document libraries.

Here’s a Scenario That Shows How Useful This Can Be:

Real-estate management company Safalo is holding an event and needs to print badges for attendees. Badges will include a photo along with other attendee information.

Here’s the process:

  • Register: Attendees register using NWC form, entering their info and uploading a photo via the form.
  • Verify: The Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow saves the photo on Box and emails the attendee to check the information. If it’s okay, the next step will take place.
  • Move to SharePoint Online: When the attendee data is approved, the NWC workflow will create a new item in a custom list in SharePoint Online, and attach the attendee image from Box to the item.
  • Badge: After that, a workflow will generate a badge for the attendee and send it over to the attendee via e-mail.
  • Archive: After the event, Safalo frees up space in their SharePoint Online tenant by creating a new custom list to archive attendee information, using another Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow to:
    1. Create a new item in a new custom list using the data from the list of attendees.
    2. Copy the attendee image to Box.
    3. Use the attendee image path on Box as a reference in the new custom list.
    4. Delete the item in the list of attendees.

Here are the steps, with illustrations:

1. Create an item:

This action allows NWC to create a new item in the Attendees list on SharePoint online.
create an item - store files on sharepoint blog

2. Add attachment:

Add the attachment to the item created in Nintex Workflow Cloud; the same workflow will copy the attendee’s photo to the newly created Item.
add an attachment - store files on sharepoint blog

The following actions are used for the second NWC workflow that archives the data from SharePoint online:

3. Query a list:

This action will get all the items in the Attendees list, and then the NWC workflow will go through a loop to archive all the items in the Attendees list.

query list item - store files on sharepoint blog

4. Get attachment paths:

This action will get the attachment path (not the attachment itself) from the attendees list.

store files on sharepoint blog

5. Get attachment by path:

This action will get the attachment, which then can be saved to Box.

get attachment by path - store files on sharepoint blog

6. Create an item:

Now it is time to create a new item in the Archived Attendees list.
create an item - store files on sharepoint blog

7. Update an item:

We have the attendee’s photo available on Box, and we have the URL for that file. Then we update the Photo URL for the item that we just created on the Attendees archive list.

update an item - store files on sharepoint blog8. Delete an item:

Now we can safely delete the item in the Attendees List, as we already have it on the Archived Attendees list.

delete an item

The actions that we mentioned so far focus on the custom list. In addition, there are a couple of actions that are specific to document libraries, as follows:

Get a file

This action gets a file from a SharePoint online document library.
get a file

Store a file

This action stores a file on a SharePoint Online Document library.
store a file

So, what’s next? There are tons of uses for this functionality. Give this one a try, and I’m sure you’ll find many more!


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