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Top 5 Digital Transformation Takeaways from InspireX Keynote

February 24, 2016, Author: John Burton

Today, I opened our inaugural InspireX conference in Las Vegas with an overview of the workflow management landscape and what it means for Nintex, its partners and its customers. Simply put, automation allows innovation. For those who missed it — or who took it all in but want a recap […]

Digital Transformation, Process Automation, Workflow and Content Automation

5 Best Practices for Stellar Workflow Design

February 18, 2016, Author: Vadim Tabakman

People who use workflows every day often describe traditional workflow designs as linear, static and sequential. And while those terms are accurate, they also indicate the inherent flaws in traditional workflow design – especially as it relates to today’s fast-moving digital business environment. The linear nature of “old-school” workflows just […]

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Fitz Shares 4 Takeaways About SharePoint Workflow

February 16, 2016, Author: Mike Fitzmaurice

I was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series. I chatted with Josh Bland about SharePoint workflow, Nintex and next week’s SharePoint Technology Conference in Austin (Nintex is a diamond sponsor). The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations […]

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How to Decide Between SharePoint On-Premises & SharePoint Online

February 11, 2016, Author: Eric Harris

You’ve probably felt the fever pitch around the push to the cloud. While the cloud isn’t just a passing trend, there are still so many variables that influence how and when you should migrate your IT applications and platforms to the cloud. Take your SharePoint platform, for example: SharePoint Online […]

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How Can Document Generation Benefit Tech Companies?

February 5, 2016, Author: Paul Tunison

The extreme growth of the industry and rising demand for tech solutions can result in tech companies putting their own technology needs on the backburner. Selling and hiring sometimes takes precedence over addressing their internal needs or processes with document generation. However, automating document creation with document generation can help […]