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Nintex Workflow automates and improves both everyday and elaborate processes. Designed for business users and IT professionals alike, Nintex Workflow transforms your business processes by bringing together your people, your processes and your content - quickly, easily and seamlessly.

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Create Process-Friendly Forms

Nintex Forms helps you provide the right information the right way to the right people at the right time - and do it in as few clicks as possible. Capture data, complete tasks and edit content in SharePoint, in Office 365 and on public websites - in a browser or on a phone or tablet. Nintex Forms tightly integrates with processes, databases and line-of-business applications, and with the way people work.

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Connect to Content

Work happens everywhere, and your processes shouldn’t be confined to a single application, let alone a single location. With Nintex Connectors, your processes can connect with various business applications and content repositories, on-premises or in the cloud, making it easier for users to access information, make decisions and act quickly.

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Manage Work - Anywhere

Workflow happens everywhere. Nintex Mobile apps let you capture data and complete tasks from anywhere, online or offline. Securely and reliably start processes, review content, approve documents and more. Custom brand your mobile app with custom logos and artwork – make it your own. Take advantage of the best features of your mobile device - including images, attachments and geolocation.

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Supported Environments

Nintex’s workflow platform works seamlessly with SharePoint and Office 365. It gives you the flexibility to be on-premises or in the cloud or benefit from a hybrid solution involving both. People can tackle assigned tasks from wherever they are, and the work flows automatically from place to place.

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Learn more about how you can successfully implement workflow automation in your organization.

Workflow Examples by Department

Explore our workflow automation examples to get an idea of how we can help you quickly and easily automate your adhoc, everyday processes.

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