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Unrivaled business process integration

Nintex Connectors integrate your business apps within your automated workflows. Integration is as simple as dragging a built-in connector into the Nintex designer canvas. Nintex Connectors cover the popular apps you use every day, and our Xtensions™ framework lets you build and customize your own connector.

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Extend the power of your apps


Improve the agility of your enterprise-wide processes by connecting business apps and automated workflows.


Sync your most important systems and content repositories with clicks, not code. Just drag, drop, and publish.


Build your own connectors using Open APIs to meet your unique business needs. The Nintex Xtensions™ framework makes it easy.

Connect your systems of record

This is business process integration without limitations. Connect every tool that your employees use to streamline the tasks that make up your processes. Nintex seamlessly integrates cloud-based apps, ERP, CRM, and content management systems within workflows to make it easy to do your work, your way.

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Break down app silos

Nintex provides several out-of-the-box connectors including SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Dropbox, Twilio, Slack, Google Drive, Azure AD, and SQL. No matter the number of Connectors your business needs, it’s easy to manage your toolbox by customizing their order and toggling connectors on or off.

business process integration
Create your own connections

Need to use a system that isn’t provided out-of-the-box? Nintex Xtensions™ gives you the tools to build custom connectors using Open APIs. Connect your workflow to virtually any system, including legacy systems and modern SaaS apps. If you use it, you can connect it!

business process integration
Business process integration for every outcome

Integrations at your fingertips: Use the Box connector as a start event to start a workflow as soon as a file is created; use the Zendesk connector to automate actions like creating, updating, or retrieving a ticket; configure a workflow to run when a new sales opportunity is created within Microsoft Dynamics; and more.

business process integration

Connectors in action

Ready to see how Nintex can transform your business?